Saturday, August 29, 2009

simple gifts

I received this card and enclosures the other day from Studiololo. The card is from one of her paintings. I love this woman, reaching out to the wider world and looking out across the ocean.

Enclosed was this clever Gecko, a crow in kimono sticker and look, she made her own postage stamp from one of her paintings. Neat! Thanks Laurel.
I also received this card from Lynn made from one of her photos.

Along with an early Lynn quilt which I won in a draw on her blog. Here is the back. Just as lovely as

the front. I love these cheerful colors and have place it on my kitchen table. Thanks Lynn!

And here is my solitary dinner, barbecued chicken marinated in Teriyaki sauce. Yum.


studio lolo said...

I had forgotten which card I sent you. It makes sense that it be the woman at the sea.
I'm glad you like your little gifts. It's a pleasure to share them with you ;)

I adore that quilted piece. Wow!

I hope you enjoyed your chicken!


julie king said...

such sweet love you've been receiving! your chicken looks delish! I hope you savored your own company.

sukipoet said...

thanks lolo. I am blessed. the chicken was delicious.

Julie, I've been my own dinner company for years now and usually that's fine.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Lovely gifts you got here.
The chicken looked good. I am not sure I would go to that much trouble to cook something on a grill if it were just me. I hate to cook. lol Good for you for doing it as it looked wonderful.

katie jane said...

Looks delish! All your little treasures create one big wonderful pile of love. Each one is so full of thought.
Enjoy your weekend.

soulbrush said...

when i saw the barbecue, i thought for a moment you were barbecuing the art stuff...tee hee my brain was too quick for my eyes. xx

Lynn said...

Love Lolo's art...she is so generous.

Thanks for showing mine, and I am so happy that you like it...even the back... ;-))

Nummy mother always made herself (when she lived alone after my father died) a gourmet dinner. She was a good cook, and treated herself with utmost respect.
As you do too. Good for you! You deserve it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What lovely gifts. This should just make your weekend. That chicken looks yummy too.

Anonymous said...

Hand made gifts and a home made meal.

Word Verification: singly - how fitting.

Annie said...

How wonderful! Love all the gifts and winnings, but my favorite is the crow in the kimono :-).

~Babs said...

All beautiful gifts!
The woman at the sea is so obviously you!
Good for you,,,grilling for yourself.Not always easy cooking for one,,,but it looked great!

Teri C said...

Each gift is so special and so beautiful!!! Makes for a perfect weekend.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Your dinner looks great :-)

Kim said...

Hello Suki,

What lovely things from lovely people in your life. Isn't that stamp just too dear? I am glad to see you are giving yourself gifts as well, those are really the very best kind to be sure.

I also wanted to say, maybe you need to contact Moleskine about your journal, because I have lots of them here and beat on them brutally, so far I have not had any issues. I think they would want to know about this.

Have a Beautiful Day!

San said...

Those are lovely gifts, Suki. An outpouring of blessings. And that chicken looks SO good. I am hungry. I have an hour before I close and I hope my husband has started dinner when I arrive home.


marianne said...

Lovely gifts to lift your spirit!!!

Hope you are ok!