Thursday, August 06, 2009

Eye Drops

The vet gave Bibbity even more eyedrops to take today. Some 4 times a day. This basically means I can't go anywhere, no trips and so forth as I must be here to do the drops. It also means 10 days, for one drops, of setting the alarm for 1pm.

On top of that is the oral antibiotic which I didn't give to her the last time. This time the vet said I must because....I can't remember why. I am NOT a good nurse and I do not like to either take prescription medicines myself ( and do not take any in fact) nor have to ensure that someone else takes them. Yet I must do this.

So no more Cape Cod house hunting trips. Where would I find a cat sitter who could do all these drops?

top photo: mullein coming into bloom, middle photo: fully opened Queen Anne's lace, bottom: yet to open Queen Anne's lace


Kim said...

Suki, I am so sorry your kitty has these eye issues. It doesn't make it easy on you, that is for sure. Our pets are important, so we care for them. I am not a great nurse, either. Because I can't get into habits, I also have an issue with remembering to take or give meds. It sounds like this should help her, though, within 2 weeks time. Then you can be off and going...can you take her along on jaunts to The Cape? Maybe once you get things down, you can do that!

I love your new header and these photos are great!

Feel Better Kitty!

Annie said...

If I were there I would do the drops for your kitty :-). Hope the drops help.

Teri C said...

It's always something isn't it! I hope this all helps poor kitty.

San said...

Suki, I'm sorry for you and Bibbity. What a great name though.

And what a great word verification I have. DUCKO.

m. heart said...

I'm with Kim, Suki, get a little cat carrier and take Bibbity along! The weather is finally drying up a bit!

~Babs said...

My Callie wasn't a traveler,,but maybe Bibbity would be fine.
We tried giving her medication only one time. She just WOULD not co-operate. I hope you have better luck. They have such minds of their own,,but isn't that part of their charm?
Hoping it goes well for you,,,AND Bibbity!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh how I love Queen Anne's Lace!

[Oh how I despise eyedrops . . . especially for kitties.]

Enjoy your respite from house hunting -- maybe the right house is being readied for market as you nurse Bibbity. Could be true . . .

: D

Lynn said...

Bummer...I guess the house hunting can wait...OR you might actually find a cat lover who will do the drops...Hopeful for you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Pets can be a toll on our time but so worth the efforts. I hope kitty gets well with this round of medicine. Perhaps if you have a friend that is a nurse they would take care of your kitty if you must go.

sukipoet said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. The intensity of drops 4 times a day will end in two weeks, but Bibs must take eye drops 2-3 times a day for the rest of her life or...i must do the operation for her (eye removal). I have thought about the idea of taking her with me on trips. She doesnt travel well either and then what happens when I get where I'm going? Finding a place to stay w/a cat is hard. Interesting though how this either forces me to slow down and/or to find a special cat sitter who will do drops.

Kim, I am not good about habits around medications. When Mom was alive she took a lot of medications however she was, thank goodness, able to tend to that herself. Personally I dont take anything except sometimes herbal remedies or homeopathic remedies. And I just do them when i feel like it kinda thing. i find it ironic that mom is gone now and now Bibbity is sick.

annie, you are so sweet.

TeriC. Kitty's eye is infected still. You can see red veins but hopefully it will reverse.

San, thanks. I always though that if i got two other cats I'd name them Bobbity and Boo.

sukipoet said...

m. heart, well Bibs is traveling on the 3 hour round trip to the vet to Deerfield Mass. I dont think she's happy about it but once I had an audio book tape written by a woman who owned lots of cats and took them back and forth with her between NYCity and her rural new york cabin. They did fine.

Babs, generally my cats don't like meds. NOr do I like giving them. But doing the eye drops is a little easier than via the mouth meds. It is also easier with two people. One to hold and one to drop. But I just have me.

Debbie, thanks for your thoughts.You may be right!


sukipoet said...

lynn, i should probably begin looking. But of course the problem is whoever might might find would most likely have to drive quite a distance to get to Bibbity unless they would actually take Bibs into their house.

Lisa, Bibs is a cat who just came to my door and knocked about 6 years ago. She is very sweet.

studio lolo said...

Now I can see why I was kept busy 7 days a week with my visiting pet nursing business! Some folks just aren't cut out to do the 'dirty deed' of being the bad guy.

Suki, I know you'd love to save the eye but perhaps you could look up other cases so you could see how well they do without it. And then she'd be pain free as well. There are also funds at some veterinary places for folks who's pets need a surgery that's out of their price range. I started my own fund in CA and I gave what was left to my little 90 year old client before I moved.
I know Teri has been a great help to you. With 36 years as a vet tech myself, I'd be glad to help with any questions.

Thank goodness Bibs has such a great mom.

soulbrush said...

omg poor little thing. isn't there anyone nearby who could help you? what about alittle advert in a local shop? oh no!