Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday Willow posted about tattoo's. Real ones. At the dinner party on the Cape, someone had some rub on tattoos so we all rubbed them on. I put mine on my leg. It is almost all washed off now. Butterflies. I wouldnt care to get a real tattoo but these rub ons are fun.


Artist Unplugged said...

Funny, your least y'all were having fun! Those books are so awesome, is it your turn to add a page?

willow said...

Hey, yours is kinda neat, Suki. I might look for one, too. The rub on ones are not so scary, not so permanent.

Lynn said...

I've done this with my little grandkids and it is fun.

marianne said...
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marianne said...

es rub ons are fun!
I have a real one, but I am having it lasered..........which is more painful and expensive than getting one.
It looks faded like yours now. By next year it will be gone.

take care!
hug >M<

Cynthia said...

I remember my kids used to love the rub on tattoos- then writing on themselves. (Thank goodness they have no piercings or real tattoos.) I wouldn't want the real ones either, Suki, but can certainly relate to the fun, Ms Butterfly.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Its fun with rub ons but wouldnt want a real one. but I did accidently tattoo myself in Art class in high school. Was working with black india ink and stabbed myself with the pen on my hand putting it away. So I have a noticeable dot of ink on the knuckle off my pinky finger.. LOL

Elizabeth said...

Your header is a delight.

I LOVE henna tattoos which last about 2 weeks but would never have a permanent one too many negative associations:
concentration camps
drunken sailors

soulbrush said...

tee hee i thought it was a real one...go on, have a real one...

sukipoet said...

Artist Unplugged, the pages I showed were the ones I added to books which already had two contributors pages. I then mailed them to the next person in line and she will add her pages. I await a new book to add my own pages to. There will be ten total books.

Willow, the rub ons are fun and easy.

Lynn, I think they are made for kids really.

Marianne, I have heard that getting them removed is worse than getting them in the first place. Good luck with the process.

sukipoet said...

cynthia, each to his/her own I guess. Somewhere I have a little package of rub ons I bought once, maybe someday I'll come upon them.

cris, that must have been some stab. Amazing it hasnt faded in all these years. wow. it must have hurt.

Elizabeth, there is that association with Concentration camps. I hadnt thought of that. I saw a few concentration camp tattoo's when I was a child. I am not sure I knew what they were then.

soulbrush, I don't like needles so that might prevent me from getting a tattoo right there. I guess it could be fun to imagine what image one might get if one was going to do it though. what image reflects the me that I am?

studio lolo said...

My brother and his son (both in NH) are totally 'inked' as they say. I have a stunning niece who has done half her body in artful scrolls. Too much for me though!

I've seen sweet, tasteful small ones like a pair of angel wings on the ankle. Not for me though. Pierced ears are enough ;)

Rub ons seem like the way to go!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I used to think that I wanted a tatoo...until I heard it hurt to get one. Ha... I like your rub on tatoo.

Cestandrea said...

nice little butterfly...I wouldn't mind a real tattoo, perhaps on the shoulder, but then I think I don't want to everything that's fance, LOL, so I'd stick with the rubbed-on one too:)
Have a great day