Thursday, April 09, 2009

A full weekend

My 5 day trip was full of activities. On my arrival, a long walk with friend D., an art opening packed with people, noise and art, dinner out. On the next day the Realtor took me on a tour of South Yarmouth and showed me four houses. Two I liked. One because it was a practical space although it was next door to a restaurant and close to a busy road. The second I liked as it was adorable, an old Cape Cod cottage but well kept and bounded by a marsh. However, both of these were out of my comfortable price range.

That evening folks arrived for the writers' retreat. Ten participated. We ordered pizza and discussed how to shape the weekend. Several slept over and others returned in the morning.

Saturday morning all was quiet as we 9 or so wrote. Lunch was panini made in panini makers. Then sharing of what we wrote, a walk. More writing and dinner out. Here is my weekend poem.

Turning this way and that
I look out on the world with three eyes
two blue, one glass.

With a clock of the button I capture
moss on stone, the lilacs in bud,
tire tracks in the snow.

I collect my treasures in a black box,
share, receive praise.
What have I accomplished?
Nothing I can hold. Ephemeral.
Ghostly. They contain my restless self,
my longing, a brief moment of
my brief life.

photos: top--a miniature poppy. middle--the nearby marsh. last--a festive table setting.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like a lovely weekend. The poem says many things about how your mind was working. Very good work. I hope you find a place to call your own soon. I would find it difficult to be adrift, no safe harbor. I think of my home as the safe harbor.

willow said...

I love the notion of three eyes, one of them being glass! Wonderful wistful poem, Suki.

Annie said...

This poem totally captures where you are, good work! My favorite line is the one about the three eyes. Glad you had a good time.

sukipoet said...

Lisa, I couldnt agree more--the home as a safe harbour. I have been without this since October of 2004 with my things in storage and me wandering from rental to rental and now at Mom's house now my brother's house.

Willow thanks I was thrilled i was able to write anything other than mad babblings

Annie, i did have a fabulous time. i love being among creative folks. it rained and was cold most of the time. but the last day, Sunday, was fabulous, warm and light filled.

soulbrush said...

three eyes,
pizza and walks,
all perfect.
the time will come
the place will come
this i know
for sure

studio lolo said...

That poppy is stunning! What a find.
Love the poem. I can really "feel you" in this one. I too love the three eyes reference. Clever.

I'd love to go on a retreat. Maybe I'll see to it that I do just that when we get back there and get settled.
I hope this getaway did your heart and soul good.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Glad you got there and home safely.
Could you make an offer on the home you liked and see if the would take it. Sometimes people will come down just to get rid of a place. Lovely photos.

Artist Unplugged said...

It appears you had an enjoyable weekend...lovely photos and prose.

Anonymous said...

A weekend sharing with creative minds. (smile) I think I'll look for an opening to attend this weekend.
Keep your positive outlook.

Lynn said...

I have stared and stared at that poppy! I see the pollen in the yellow center but the orange petals look like fabric to my eye!
Too funny.

I'm glad you had a good relaxing writing weekend...your poem is beautiful and says so much...such good choice of words to paint pictures and feelings.

It must be hard to see lovely homes in areas you'd like to reside only to find them out of your price range. Drats!

sukipoet said...

soulbrush thanks for you positive insights. always welcome.

Laurel, the poppy, by the way, was an indoor plant. the two poppy flowers wilted by the end of the weekend.

Cris true about that although on Cape cod people are getting what they are asking according to the realtor. Who also wont put in an offer that he thinks is too low. Still, I could do that for one of the houses, not the other.

sukipoet said...

artist unplugged, i did have a lovely time and weekend despite the rain.

chewy, i guess you mean open house? I like open houses as i dont have to scheduel with a realtor. they're fun.

Lynn, it is my own fault for giving the realtor the idea i would go over my limit as there was one house i wanted to see. so he set up other houses over my limit too. its really not good to do that i guess as it cant help but be frustrating.

katie jane said...

I'm glad you were able to spend a weekend with kindred spirits. That in itself is uplifting. Your poem speaks volumes about you. I hope you find your center soon.

sukipoet said...

thanks Katie Jane

oh my, i realize now Chewy meant an art opening not an open house. I do think i have houses on me brain.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...


Wow, you are doing so much and working in househunting, art, companionship and camaraderie...i am happy for you and your reaching out to find the right path

~Babs said...

Suki, I think you have collected MANY treasures you can hold in that black box. You're just not seeing them as treasures at the moment, but you will, as they are revealed.
Such a good time away,,,you needed it, and I'm glad you had it.

Jude said...

I'm glad your weekend creative. The poem is very wistful and sad.
I love documenting my life with photos. Shame about the houses, do you have plans to go back?

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Suki, What a filled 5 days...I could just imagine a packed art opening and all your other activities. Your writing is beautiful, it must have felt wonderful being in a creative group, writing and sharing.
Glad you are back writing and sharing here in blogland!

sukipoet said...

thanks teri. I know I will figure it all out at some point.

Thanks for your encouragement Babs. I always return from a trip with a renewed perspective.

jude, i have no specific plans at the moment. the folks down there tho made some suggestions for me re: financing a house so i may check those out.

blue sky, thank you. the group is rather exceptional in that a number of the members have taught school together for many years and are very bonded. i am sort of on the outside edge but am glad they let me come and bask in their energy.

kj said...

beautiful and soulful suki. i agree with everyone else about the third eye-made of glass...

suki, for some reason i just BELIEVE there is an affordable house for you on the cape. i really have that sense. i hope you don't mind my encouraging you to find it, or let it find you. is it time?

i will be in ptown july and august and my heart and soul can't wait.
ps i love all the loving comments on your blog. you have love and support all around you...

Anonymous said...

Open House? Oh... I see where your head is at. For myself, looking for an art opening to attend. But now, I have the itch to paint instead.

sukipoet said...

KJ thanks for those words. you just believe!! For me, i just hope but i know it will involve more footwork and energy. you are luck to be spending two months on the cape. if i am down there, i hope we can meet.

Chewy, have fun at the art opening.

San said...

Love the glass eye line in your poem, Suki. Such a weekend--from which to bring back your ephemeral treasures.

Welcome back.

m. heart said...

i adore the way your your wrinkled poppy photo came out, and the retreat sounded like it was a much-needed chance to collect and share your thoughts with other creative people.
the resulting poem is beautiful as well.

marianne said...

What a wonderful time this must have been for you!
Lovely pictures and your poem is a bit sad but beautiful!

have a Happy Easter!