Monday, April 20, 2009

another visual journal workshop

On Saturday Susie Crowther held another free journal workshop at the library. About 6 people attended. Here is my first drawing which was a "check in." I was feeling a meld of calm (purple) and angst (red). The egg shape is containing these feelings (someone said maybe I should let some of them out.) I feel pulled in many directions. I want to scream. I also want to be at peace.

For the second drawing we were to take an aspect of the first drawing and enlarge on it. I have hatched out of the egg and sit in lotus posture feeling happy. I am transforming my anger and frustration. I sit atop a mobius strip which looks like an infinity sign. The colors of peace--purple and anger--red are intertwined.


~Babs said...

It sounds like an interesting workshop.
You mention anger and frustration, and you exhibit it in the first drawing. Although I'm certainly not a psychologist or counselor of any sort,I have learned (often the hard way) that if we can discover WHO or WHAT our anger pertains to, the frustration takes care of itself and disappears. Maybe that's over simplifying,,,,but anger unchecked leads to total despair, depression, and ill health. It's not always easy to place anger to begin with, let alone to deal with it, Sometimes it feels like just a general overall 'mad at the world' effect.Often,I've realized that the one I'm angry with is myself.Many times it's been for just being human,making mistakes, and looking backward instead of ahead.But I can give myself permission to forgive me.
It's a very empowering thought. Maybe applicable in your case, maybe not.Just a thought.

Lynn said...

So how did it feel to draw these?
I like seeing you in the corners and the mindfulness signs/words/symbols...
It looks like it could be a productive process.
Nice that these workshops are given for free.
Is the teacher an art therapist?
Or simply an insightful artist?

PS I am just back from the post office mailing your cards...should be there in a few days.

katie jane said...

Sounds like a good workshop. I have taken some of these in the past. They do seem to help. Your first drawing looks like a shield, rather than an egg to me. hmmm. It is nice that they are free classes. Keep showing us what you do.

sukipoet said...

Babs although I project my anger at times onto either my situation or my brother I am indeed angry at myself in just the way you describe: for being human, making mistakes and looking backward. Wow. Glad you articulated that. And thanks for the reminder to forgive myself. What--I dont need to be perfect? HEHE.

Lynn, the facilitator is not an art therapist and the class is not art therapy. No outside person interprets our drawings. Just ourselves. However, others in the group can offer thoughts too. The facilitator took a workshop or something with a woman....well I explained it in earlier post and dont remember the particulars but anyway she is trained to do these. i think she is testing herself out on us and will, after her 6 week trip to Australia, offer a 6 week workshop which she will charge for.

Katie Jane, I have found both times tht this is very fun. I like doing it myself and also hearing about other's drawings as we share although we don't have to share, just if we want.

patti said...

It surprises me how close to the surface all these emotions we have, really are. This kind of journaling is a mirror, showing us what we are struggling with and what we wish for ourselves. You seem to be ready to let go of the anger and grab hold of that peace & calm with both hands.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Interesting transformation. You did it on paper now do it in your life. I know you will. You can do it.

I would love to attend a workshop like this.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Isnt it great how Art can be so theraputic. It makes us see ourselves sometimes. sounds like good timing for this class. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Art Therapy to me and it seems to have helped you sort out your thoughts and feelings. Some people will sit and dwell in their problems... you find ways to open your inner self by taking classes and interacting with other people. - I wish my library had free creative classes for adults.

kj said...

yipee. i certainly like where you're heading, suki. :)

i wish i could/would stop looking backwards. regrets are choking, really. i do that and suddenly my controlling mind wants to recreate reality. how silly is that?


sukipoet said...

Patti, I hope that what you see is true.

Lisa, the workshop was truly miraculous. this particular library has a seemingly endless list of workshops of various natures. It is a gem of a place.

thanks Cris

Chewy as said above this is an extraordiary library. its in vermont but close by. i do find it helpful to take workshops and have done so for years. workshops of varying focuses. thanks for making note of that.

sukipoet said...

kj, it is so hard for "writer types" not to look backwards for that is where so much writing materials arise from. We look at our lives and ponder them and DO try (sometimes) to control and recreate them in the writing. So to find a balance between not looking back in a way that holds up back vs looking back for material for our work is a challenge.

San said...

Good job with the hatching, Suki! What a great workshop to be a part of.

studio lolo said...

I see an all-knowing eye~
It sees the mindful Suki and the frustrated, angry Suki.
Somewhere there's a balance.
Perhaps letting go of your anger and looking at the big picture (which may not be in focus yet)will lead to a calm and happy Suki.
I know for myself when I let go of the anger, a calmness comes over me. I tend to want to "name" things but lately I've just been chanting "it is what it is." To me it's just another way of saying the Universe is taking care of it.
Peace, Suki.

sukipoet said...

thanks San.

Lolo, i like the it is what it is mantra. thanks