Wednesday, February 04, 2009

touch drawing

A friend send me this video about Touch Drawing in response to my "art therapy" posting yesterday. I wanted to share it with you, I found it very moving. I am not sure if she uses printers ink or paint for the black. Nor what kind of rice paper. But I love the process.


Annie said...

Darn, Suki, We don't have speedy internet where I live and dial up is too slow for videos. It sounds interesting though.

Cestandrea said...

Love the process too, Suki. To me it feels like sculpture almost. Very interesting, thanks for sharing

Dianne said...

Dear Suki,
Thanks for sharing this video, I loved watching this - it is a type of mono-printing. I really fancy having a go with this and seeing where it takes me.

kj said...


Teri C said...

It is very interesting! Thanks for sharing it.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

A very meditative way of working...very sensitive to fingers and paper...I might try it sometime.Thank you for sharing.

~Babs said...

Very interesting,,,and enquiring minds being what they are,,,I Googled.
You can order your very own:

One Person Starter Kit.
4 small tubes water soluble oils
1 brayer/roller
1 board
150 sheets tissue paper
50 sheets newsprint
I thought it must be oils of some sort, as acrylic dries so fast. One could use an extender though, as I'm sure some people wouldn't want to use oils,,,even the water soluble.
I can see how this would be very interesting and fun,,making prints like this,,,,I probably will give it a shot,,I already have my own 'kit', and I love having my hands in the work. (although gloved, of course)
Thanks Suki,,,,enjoyed this!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh this is awesome. wow.

willow said...

This was great, Suki. Thank you!

studio lolo said...

It's so much like intuitive painting. I love it.Thanks for sharing!

sukipoet said...

Annie, Gosh. The whole of Taos doesnt have high speed internet???That is even more boonies than here!

Andrea, like sculpture--yes, using the fingers directly.

Dianne, you are right, it is like monoprinting. which I love to do, but this is simpler in a way.

KJ Wow two :)

teriC you are welcome

BSD, yes, I love doing things directly with the fingers and reading Bab's list of supplies I think I have all of them too so can give it a try.

Babs, thanks for looking up the list of supplies. As i said above I think I have all these. Do you think the hands will pick up some of the paint? I dont have water soluble oils but regular oils which I think will work too.

Cris, thanks.

Willow, interesting isnt it?

Laurel, yes i think i would feel I was being very intuitive if I used this method. i hope i can try it soon.

Lynn said...

I was amazed watching her do this with both hands simotaniously.
Beautiful process...liked the music too. Thanks for sharing.

What is "refrigerator soup"?

Mary said...

you're doing so much wonderful inner work! nothing like a little trauma, grief and emotional upheaval to get our juices stirring ;-)

i've been reading your last posts but not commenting. i saw so many bonnards in paris but how fun to have a show in nyc! i may have to make the trip--he's one of my faves.

your travel plans resonate. as does the insight that something will always come up to distract you...

good work, good thoughts, good heart.

thinking of you, suki ;-)

soulbrush said...

yikes she makes it look so easy. have you ever done this? are you gonna try? show us please if you do.thanks for my good wishes today.

sukipoet said...

Lynn, isnt it weird but I didnt really register that she did it with both hands. Yes. That is a big difference from using a tool like a brush to paint. Interesting. Refrigerator soup is a soup made with some broth and whatever veggies you have in the fridge at the moment. Or leftover pasta or whatever. In the end I didnt make it but will tomorrow.

thanks Mary. You are so right, emotional traumas create opportunities to get the juices stirring. I am glad i have an outlet in art and am also dwelling on doing some poetry writing. thanks for your kind thoughts.

sukipoet said...

soulbrush, I havent had much time or focus for artwork recently but I would like to try this, hopefully soon.

Mim said...

It's magical

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Just no end to interesting ways to express yourself.

katie jane said...

Suki, you could do that! It looks very soothing and theraputic. Give it a try and show us how it turns out.

sukipoet said...

Mim, yes it looks magical.

Lisa, so true.

Katie Jane, I agree it looks both soothing and therapeutic. I may try when I have some time. Today very busy.

Annie said...

No, Suki, just certain areas, and even if my area received high speed
I could not afford it right now :-(.

Artist Unplugged said...

Wow, I've not checked your site in a couple of days, lots going on! I love he expressive art you did in your class and the gifts, especially the quilt is so touching. I hope you are doing well after your recent losses, looks as though you have many thoughtful friends.

patti said...

It's a little like finger painting without the mess!

Practicing yoga IS sublime. My practice has been patchy since Christmas as the weather here has been extreme, even early in the mornings. I really miss the ritual of regular practice. More 42-44 deg C temps (107 deg F) forecast for this weekend. Yikes!

sukipoet said...

thank you artist unplugged. I am doing well but continually feel on the edge somehow. Like my drawing, well on the outside, kinda sad on the inside (underground).

Patti, I have been practicing twice and three times a day sometimes to help me get through the winter, the sadness and so forth. It takes a lot of time, however I think it helps. I love the heat although not sure I have ever experienced 107 degrees!!! At least you have the beach to go and cool off in the water.

Kim said...

Suki, I love this. Don't you like the gentleness of this process? It feels right to me, too.

Thank you so much for sharing.

marianne said...

Wonderful to see this!!

A Brush with Color said...

Wow--now that is so interesting! I have seen your posts on Cris' blog, but somehow I guess I never came over here. What a fascinating process. She had me feeling soothed just watching her. Amazing! I agree that it's almost like a sculptor or watching someone throw pottery.