Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The little house and Esmeralda and Ermentrude say thanks

Here is the photo of the little house which I thought was cute. Now that I am posting it here probably someone will run in and buy it while I am away.

Below, Mike posted this picture of Esmeralda and Ermentrude's thank you quilt re: their visit to us folks in Paris and the US. Did you know the girls are expecting?? Very exciting. Plus Ermentrude is now a poet!! (This is Mike's sketch which he gave us permission to copy and display)

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Annie said...

Oh, that house is cute. If it is meant to be, it will wait for you.
lovely picture of the girls :-).

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

What a cutie of a house! The little garage looks as if it has been converted into a room or studio with those widows or french doors?! Big tree in the back yard! I just know you will be finding many perfect places...the trick is chosing!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

LITTLE? It doesnt look little to me. It is quite cute in fact. Did you see inside? I forget what you said you saw.
When you going away? Do you plan to look there too?

Anonymous said...

It looks divine; is it the house you preferred above all others you saw? Can you see yourself living there, and being happy? Did you look inside; did it 'speak' to you? All the very best with your searching. Ann (from UK)

Kim said...

Wow Suki, you are full of exciting news today... The house is really wonderful...it looks big! Like Mary Ann...I think you are going to be finding lots of great places. Looking for houses in the spring is loads of fun!

How about those sheep! Whoa! Those two are amazing and fun!

Thanks Suki!

Teri said...

Cute house. Looks big and like too much upkeep for me though. Is that a screened in porch? The cats would love that.

Reminds me of a larger version of the bungalow i rented for 18 years in Oregon. It was sage green with buttercream trim. It was about 850 sq ft, a big rectangle with no wasted space.

I find myself longing for tiny spaces again. This house is too big for me to maintain, but it's home for now.

Ooh, Cape Cod. Never been there but everyone says it's very healing. Enjoy your time there.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

Teri C said...

It is an adorable house! I hope you get it. I can almost see you walking up the walk to enter the house. Good luck.

Lynn said...

Nice house...has upstairs so good for your exercise! ;-)
If not this one something even better coming to you now...but this might be the winner!

Have a great time on the cape!

Fun to see the sheep again! And yes they are expecting. Such fun.
I've started knitting hoof booties.

studio lolo said...

I love the house. Typical New England charmer!
I didn't know you were going to the Cape. Yay! I know you love it there. I hope you come back restored. Are you bringing the "girls?"

sukipoet said...

Annie, I guess that is the best philosophy. the truth is I cannot rush and because I do not leap I have missed out on any number of things in life. But that is how I am. And due to the bad weather expected in the next few days, and preps for my son's 40th birthday dinner on Friday and the cape cod trip I think I am doing enough right now. The house will have to wait.

BSD, it is cute and yes they say the garage is a workshop kind of space, translate studio. The windows would be great. Thanks for saying you know I will be finding many perfect places. That makes me feel less anxious about one particular place.

Cris, the house looks bigger in the photo than in real life. I have only see the outside. I was just driving by some options to see if any appealed before troubling the realtor. I will leave either Sat or sunday depending on the predicted weather. I may look on the Cape but that would be only at condos for houses there are way above my price limit.

Ann, yes I preferred the two stories and the location of this one to the other ones. I cant tell if i see myself there until I see the inside. I am just not sure where I see myself to tell you the truth. Thanks for your good wishes.

katie jane said...

I love this little house and I think you should snap it up in a flash! I just adore charming old houses like these, and this one looks to be in pretty good shape. It just looks perfect for you.

sukipoet said...

Kim, yes, we have had a few springlike days with temps in the 30's :) and I think that got my blood rolling to begin to look.

Teri I think this is bigger than 850 sq feet. It has two bed/two baths and I think that is a little porch. But nevertheless I consider it 'small." although perfectly adequate for me. I love the colors of the house you describe. This is a sort of dull grey but I could change than perhaps.

TeriC thanks for the good luck.

sukipoet said...

lynn, i do hope to have a relaxing time and fun on the cape. I cant wait to see the ocean once more. This or something better....yes, I will chant that! Hoof booties, so cute.

sukipoet said...

laurel, I think the cape visit will be refreshing and renewing for me. I think I'll leave the girls in their Devon field as they await their little ones.

Thanks Katie Jane. Snap it up. Well, it will have to wait a bit but maybe I will if it is still there.

Artist Unplugged said...

That is a very cute house, looks like the yard is nice too! I missed the past couple of days, your collage pages are wonderful, I favor those with the old photos and writings the most.

sukipoet said...

thanks Artist unplugged.

studio lolo said...

Suki, by the "girls" I meant your kitties :)

I should have thought about E & E !

marianne said...

It sure is a cute house!!!!
The fact is has less acres is only an advantage.....I think.
The house I had before had more land but I went crazy of all the work, and I am not the type to just leave it.......
Where I live now it is just enough for me to handle.
Where is this house Suki? Is it in NH or in cape Cod?
Your heart will advice you.......
Have a nice day!

patti said...

Gorgeous house! I spent a couple of weeks in Boston many years ago and it reminds me of some of the houses there. It's got your name on it now!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I have been away for a spell and so much has transpired. Unlike life in missives, the blog carries on and you must run to catch up!

The house looks positively cozy, but I lack enough details from my whirlwind "catch-up" session to fully comment. I shall simply pray and enjoy looking at your colorful expressions through art. I have missed my dose of paint. poems and ponderings of late. It's been good to sip slowly and sweetly.

Hope you are warm. I am oh so chilly as we break in a new cast iron stove (a beauty -- my dream stove has replaced "old reliable" a.k.a UGLY, but functional) and must wait some period before we enjoy a roaring fire.

Tomorrow I shall enjoy a toasty fire and will probably return to re-read a bit of you postings.
; D

Cestandrea said...

Just left a lenghty comment, after having been away so long and crappy blogger (sorry but...) gobbled it all up...
I said that I love the house, it is so cute, and seems so big to me! And that I have to go and get updated about everything the sheep are doing right now, and that I love your new header.
You, the ice queen, with ice crystals as hair. Do you need a prince on a fire dragon to get your out of your ice-palace?
now I try to post this again, wish me luck:)

Jude said...

I like the house, call me ignorant but that looks like how I visualise a house in America....I'm sure Americans have typical visions of what British or Greek houses look like.
What are the local facilities like, does it have most of what you want, need near by?
Have a lovely time on Cape Cod, any chance of photos????

~Babs said...

I too love this house.
Buying a house can be so scarey,,I can appreciate the taking your time attitude.

If it's right for you, it will work out.
Hope your Cape trip is all you want it to be!

sukipoet said...

Laurel, oh....kitties have to stay here on the farm with brother coming over to feed them. They do not travel well and this is a 5 hour drive one way.

Marianne, this house is in Vermont. Houses on Cape Cod are out of my price range.

thanks Patti. It is a very new england like house.

sukipoet said...

Debbie thanks for stopping by. Hope your new stove provides you with lots of lovely heat. You need it with all the snow you have gotten!! Take care, Suki

Andrea, yes yes send a prince on a fire dragon to save me from my ice palace!!!!!!

sukipoet said...

Jude, this particular town has great facilities and was chosen as one of the best 100 art towns. Lots of music, theatre, art and a small art museum, holistic healers, great library. Health food store etc. That's really why I am looking here in this particular town. I will bring my camera and computer and I think I can hook up to the net via a router and send missives while there on the Cape. We shall see.

Babs, the scariness of buying a house is one reason I have never stepped forth and bought one before. I must just be brave.

Anonymous said...


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