Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Footprints in the snow

I havent seen them, but they've been here. Their footprints trail around the field, especially under the apple trees.

I love seeing this line of prints. So evocative. I hope they aren't starving.

Another journal page. The center pictures are torn from a magazine. I watercolored around them.

I covered the page in metallic tape, then wrote on the tape with a pencil. I read about this technique in Somerset magazine.

Rolls of metallic tape can be purchased at the hardware store.

Inauguration day was a very emotional day, for sure. I didn't think I'd be so moved. A lovely ceremony.

Laurel has posted the interview I did with her. Find out where the name Studiololo came from, and who Curly is. Read it here: Studiololo


willow said...

Lovely deer tracks! We have several lines zig-zagged across our property in the snow right now, too. WT puts horse feed out for them.

Neat metalic tape!

Kim said...

Hi Suki,

I, too, love seeing these tracks in the snow. It is amazing how resilient these creatures can be. Living and visiting Montana (where grizzlies and lots of other animals live on their own) has taught me a lot about safely existing with them.

I adore your journal page and the metallic tape is very cool. You could now do a rubbing of this to get the mirror image. Cool!

The inauguration was incredibly moving on so many levels. Now we all have to work hard to make some all important changes as citizens of the world.

I am eager to read some of these other much fun is this?

Thanks Suki...have a wonderful day!

Annie said...

Love the photos and that metalic tape is cool, I will have to try it
sometime. I cried several time watching Obama today, it moved me too.

Cestandrea said...

Suki, your use of the metallic tape is so beautiful, it gives the inner painting something festive, something sacred, or so, don't know how to say it. It enhances it.
The footprints, oh my, do you still have this much snow? It looks enchanted, though. Do you think this was man or animal? Man (or woman) I guess, or child?
Have a wonderful day

~Babs said...

Part of our housing addition backs up to a wildlife preserve. Often we see the deer crossing the streets there. They are well protected, and seem to understand that, as they roam about freely.

I LOVE the look of what you've done with the tape,and what a great idea! Also Kim's,,,about the rubbing!

studio lolo said...

That's a truly wonderful journal page! I haven't tried metalic tape yet but I've seen it used before. You've inspired me again!

I hope the deer are finding plenty to eat. They're plentiful around here. Our resident Mountain Lion is happy about that.

m. heart said...

that tape! what a wonderful idea! i am definitely going to try that on some blank journal covers.

i haven't seen as many deer tracks here as i have coyote. they fill the woods behind the house.

as for the inauguration - wow. it was just beautiful. i could hardly see it on the little tv we had set up at work but at least we had that. i loved elizabeth alexander's poem..."in today's sharp sparkle, this winter air, anything can be made, any sentence begun."

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

We have deer tails around here. they always seem to walk in the same trails. they wear dont montain sides by goign on the same trail. Its so interesting to me.
wonderful journal page. looks elegant.
Word Verification is.. wright. hmmm

Artist Unplugged said...

The tracks in the clean slate of snow are artwork! I like the metallic tape, very interesting idea with loads of possibilties. I just read your interview with studiololo and it was extremely interesting....thanks.

Teri C said...

It is so interesting to follow tracks like that. Your metallic tape method is so interesting and rich-looking.

Teri said...

I like the metallic tape,too. To me, it seems industrial or very city-like, a different feel than modern, and it goes well with the faces, which remind me of masks. Funny, I remember as a kid, being in my grandfathers workshop and seeing little metal tags that he hung on car parts, that he wrote on, just like the metal tape.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

sukipoet said...

Oh Willow. HOw sweet of WT to put out horse feed. I dont feed either the deer or birds this winter as I would have to throw it on the ground and it would get covered over so quickly.

Thanks Kim. I like the tape too. It reminds me of Mexican tin, the way they punch holes in it and make patterns. Oh I may try your idea of a rubbing. Interesting.

I think all the interviews are fascinating. You all really took a lot of thoughtful time answering the quiestions.

sukipoet said...

Annie, thanks for stopping by and your comments. It was a great day yesterday for sure.

Andrea, these footprints are an animal's and I'm guessing deer. Thanks for your comment on the metalics.

Babs, in some places people dont like the deer as they eat from the garden. The metallics wasn't my idea but I do like it.

sukipoet said...

Laurel, thank goodness we dont have a mountain lion around here, at least I dont think so. However we do have men with guns although I think hunting season is over.

M. Heart, in the original article on the tape she used it for book covers. I loved that poem too and had not ever heard of the poet before. The whole arts segment of the ceremony was marvelous I thought.

Cris, that is interesting about the deer wearing down the mountain path. Here I think they also tend to walk some of the same paths but I dont know if they are wearing anything down.

sukipoet said...

Artist Unplugged, thank you. I do think the tracks are artworks too. This is when I wish I had an SLR camera or whatever that is with a better zoom so I could get these paths in the snow. Course it would also be nice to somehow be lifted slightly above the land so I could look down on the paths. :)

Thanks Teri. Guess you miss the deer tracks in the snow there in AZ.

Teri C. I can picture those metal tags. What a great memory. I love it.

katie jane said...

Suki, this is wonderful! Now you are inspiring me. I never thought about metallic tape. I love it.

The deer footprints are darling. I hope they are getting enough to eat too. We haven't seen too many of them around here this winter.

sukipoet said...

Katie Jane, this metallic tape is fun for sure.

marianne said...

Wow I have this tape too, never thought you could do such cool things with it!
The footprint are awesome, must be great to find them!

sukipoet said...

Marianne, the tape is pretty cool for sure. These footprints encircle the house, and mark several pathways into the woods. I love them and think they are like an artwork!

Mary said...

love that you posted the deer prints and love the journal work you're doing ;-)

one of my favorite things about the snow is that we can see who has come to visit in the night or when we're not looking...

sukipoet said...

Mary I love these deer footprints too. As long as I don't find man footprints. Hummmph.

Lynn said...

This is very beautiful. I missed it the metallic tape, thanks for the tip. ;-)

Charli said...

AH! Metallic tape is SO COOL. I never even knew it existed. You just made my whole world better. I'm gonna go look for some.

I love what you did with writing on it.