Saturday, January 03, 2009

An award and a tagging

Laurel of Studiololo tagged me to list 5 things I do daily to keep my spirit happy and healthy. Hmm, I have been pondering this. Only five yet it is hard to come up with things that I really do each day.
1) I eat three meals a day at pretty much the same times each day. I also eat at least two snacks per day in between meals. I feel this is telling my body that I respect its need for nourishment and it doesnt have to worry that I will let it go hungry. My body can rely on me.

2) I read a few pages in a spiritual or otherwise uplifting book each morning.

3) I practice yoga at least once a day for 45 minutes to an hour. I practice more often if my back is bothering me and or my mood is glum. I never fail to feel better after my practice.

4)I blog on a consistent basis. I love to blog, read others blogs and comment on blogs. This makes me feel my world is larger than this small space I occupy. I have met so many wonderful people through blogging, learned new things and been cared about and supported in times of need. A blessing.

5)I play with my kitties and take walks however I do not do this often enough.

I'm tagging everyone who reads this blog and wants to do this challenge. Please join in!

Soulbrush sent me this sweet award. Thank you Soulbrush. I offer it up to anyone who would like to take it. All of you who read this blog, please help yourself. Blessings, Suki

Photos: Ice on the pond


Cynthia said...

Great to have a balanced life...blessings.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Five things a day which makes me happy and healthy :-) I'll have to think about that! A good idea.

studio lolo said...

This is a wonderful list Suki!
I think you do many things to take care of yourself. I'm going to get back to yoga or take up tai chi. I'm working on self-care this year.

I love the photos you take, and this header makes me long for New England...even in winter!

I know what you mean about blogs making your small world seem bigger. My spirit has grown immensely with my blogging friends.
Thanks for participating:)

soulbrush said...

these are all good, i will have to think really hard to do my five...mmmmm

Lynn said...

I love love love your photos Suki. The ice is beatuiful and the layers in the second photo stunning. I also love the new shot of the red barn with big tree in front in your banner. Great angle! For some reason I feel very connected to that barn. I did paint it last winter remember? ;-)
And I am so impressed that you do yoga every day for such a long time. Wow!!!!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh I love those photos too. You REALLY DO need to get a photo book and do something with your photos. You have such a wonderful knack for it.
I love that award. Thanks. I will take it. :)
Five things huh? Well I know one is getting on and checking out blogs and comments. Very inspiring to start the day with. :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

oops. that is you need to get a book on taking photos. not a photo book ..sounds like something to put your photos in. :)

sukipoet said...

thanks Cynthia. Well, as a libra, who is always searching for balance, I now know balance is a bit of an illusions as things are always changing and moving. But that's okay too.

Britt-Arnhild, will be interested to read your five!'

Laurel, thanks. It took me many years of exploring and working on my self to find this much kind things to do to take care of me. What I mean is things I actually do in experiential time. I've always been interested in tai chi too but never have done it. Thanks for your comments. Be well, Suki

Soulbrush, I know i was inspired by a post you did awhile ago that told about some self care eating things you did for yourself. !!

I remember your red barn painting Lynn. I have moved my computer into Mom's bedroom where some large windows look out onto the barn and the evergreen tree. I feel blessed that i am able to do the yoga. For many years i was unable to practice at home (focus) but now i can an am grateful.

Cris, i knew what you meant abt the book about photos. Thanks. Isnt that little doggie cute! It is inspirational to read everyone's blogs, that's for sure. Take care, Suki

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Oh, thank you Suki, My studio work is full of false starts and I could use a change of subject. I will post my five things that make my spirit happy and healthy today.
I did Tai Chi for several years and really felt good but then lost the discipline. Have a good day!

Natalya said...

those are wonderful things to do daily, i'll take your advice and try to do them too!
Happy New Year!

Teri C said...

You really have a well-balanced life Suki! I am not surprised because I always get that feeling from you when you post and when you comment.

~Babs said...

Great new header Suki! It must be so soothing to look out at that scene every day.
And of course the ice photos are wonderful too.
I wouldn't be able to do the tag thing, as I am not very consistant with anything on a daily basis, other than to pray.
I especially admire your dedication to yoga,,,I do some,,,but not daily. I need to.

Dianne said...

Dear Suki,
You are a very beautiful person and I am so happy that I have met you through blogging - your posts are a continual source of inspiration for me!
Your amazing photographs reflect that inner beauty.
As usual in your posts, you make me look and think about myself - will have to think about those things that make me happy and healthy.
Love Dianne x x

marianne said...

Nice list!
I can´t even think of 5 things.......that doesn´t sound good! Maybe I should think about this and make some changes.......
The award is well deserved!
Love the book you made for SB!

Hug >M<

patti said...

Came back to see your response to my comment and realised I didn't leave one in the first place! :)

You and I have a lot in common Suki - I'm very prescribed in my eating and don't feel right if I stray from this, Yoga too, the blogging. My other thing is that I listen to music every day.

sukipoet said...

Patti, I havent commented on the last few comments here. With the eating, if I dont eat regularly, I then feel sort of lightheaded and ill. It is funny. Lovely that you listen to music each day. That's something I do not do yet music lifts my spirits. I love that part of your blog where you have a song for the week.

Thanks Marianne. I'll be you could find 5 if you thought about it a bit. Like, is painting a mandala or other painting a self care?

Dianne, thank you for your kind words. I am writing this after having read your post with your five things so I know you did this!

Babs, I just love looking at the barn which I can see when I'm at my computer. It is in Mom's bedroom so I didnt have this view when mom was alive. But she did.

Kim said...

Suki, I love your wholistic life practices! They are so familiar to me, too...although I do not do anything with regularity all that well :)

I will be doing a post on this tag to be is not only important to identify, but it is important to be reminded of the importance at this time of the year.

I just love this blog!

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