Monday, December 29, 2008


Yesterday it was 65 degrees outside. Meltings happened. Mist arose.

Since Mom died I have taken only a few walks. It felt so good to be outside in the fresh air, in nature. I heard the sound of gunshots. Someone got a gun for Christmas. I saw Chickadees hopping among the shrubs.

The river was full and rushing. The ice on the pond was partly melted. I returned home feeling relaxed and invigorated. I must get back to a daily walk, for my mental health and something else too. Hard to describe it, but the forward motion of my body, my legs taking me up hill and down, fills me with the feeling that life is starting up again, that I am and can accomplish something though what I don't know. Movement. It feels so great.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This fresh air and walking is so wonderful! Your photos are beautiful...I can just imagine the crisp air and the sound of water, either dripping or rushing. It's December so snow will happen again but how great you got enough of a break to get out and start feeling alive again...good for you!

Cynthia said...

Wonderful to spend time out of doors. The photos of ice and chilled spaces brought some cold over here in Puerto Rico. I wish I could walk freely out out and away, but it's not done here, especially a woman alone. Bummer!

willow said...

Your fresh walk inspired me! Lovely misty snow pix.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Happy walking Suki, yes, it sure feels good.

I was out for a walk yesterday as well, but it is hard as the roads are so icy here.

soulbrush said...

what a truly uplifting post suki.such a blessing to have this beauty around you, not grubby concrete london! yes, 2009 has some good things waiting for you, i can feel it in my bones! lotsa hugs and kisses. xx

Mary said...

great pictures. there's something about a walk that literally helps things move through us, i think. whenever i am processing something, especially a lot of emotion, i find walking to be the most therapeutic. besides, it is a nice way to spend time outdoors with the birds and the trees and even the winter weather....

sukipoet said...

Blue Sky, this break in the weather makes me feel that yes, I can go on. Winter is soooooo long here. And actually, once I get the sorting done, I dont have to stay here the whole winter, although I have no other place in mind to go yet.

Cynthia, did I know you lived in Puerto Rico?? How sad that you can't take walks!! Everywhere i live I walk. It is my main exercise besides yoga. Is it hot there??

Thanks Willow.

Britt-arnhild, the roads are often icy here and will be icy again. I have some grip things that I put on the souls of my shoes that help me not to slip.

The natural world here is beautiful for sure. Although i have always been a fan of the beauties of cities. I love to walk on sidewalks in the midst of people. Although I confess i havent lived in a real city for years. so maybe the me i am now wouldnt like it so much.

sukipoet said...

Mary, you have said it so well. Walking helps move things through us esp emotions. I think that's what I meant to say but you said it better. It is interesting really. It is a slow movement thing too, as opposed to bike riding or driving in a car. I think the pace has part to do with the healing nature of walking.

Cynthia said...

Suki, maybe my memories about cold places confused you! I lived in Southern Cal for over 20 years, and I've been here in Puerto Rico over 13. I make myself adapt to circumtances, and I've tried to fight the can't walk outside alone thing, but I've had too many incidents. I walk at work around the campus, and other places-just not in the country. My bummer!

Karen Mowrey said...

Good for you and nice temp for this time of year. The mist is amazing and so interesting this time of year. I don't think it got that warm up here, just enough to melt things a bit then rain untop of ice. Very slippery the other day and took me as long to walk across the parking lot at work as it did to drive there!

We live in gunshot central too!

So far this year have had 2 chickadees come in the house for a visit! One flew in during one of the blizzards when I opened the door..the other I thought was injured and tried to was just tricking me!

Kim said...

Hi Suki,

I am so glad you were able to get out and get some of that "forward motion" going. It is a grand parallel you make about moving forward both physically and emotionally. It means a lot to make these connections in our life...just grasping the reality seems to open up doors which had been slammed shut for one reason or another. You have been through some incredibly difficult times this past year and it seems to me the gifts of the season are well past their due for you. I am glad the universe agreed yesterday.

Your photographs are absolutely always!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Beautiful photos as usual. You really should look into more instruction on photographing things as you have a natural knack for it. and yes walking does help the mental attituted as well as the physical.. glad your getting out and about again. Company here so have limited time but am trying to keep up some with blogs.

Dianne said...

Dear Suki, thanks for posting these photo's - I just love to see all that snow and ice - something we don't get to see here.
Walking in the crisp air is incredibly bracing - the countryside looks so beautiful and cannot help but lift your spirits!
It is also not safe to walk alone in Cape Town and I really miss not being able to so. As Cynthia says, you just get used to it.
So glad you are feeling a bit better!
Love Dianne x x

studio lolo said...

Dear Suki,

I've enjoyed this "walking meditation" of yours, both visually and spiritually.


kathleen.artkat.hebert said...

Your photos really inspire me, Suki. They are breath-taking and I want to go out and photograph more! You inspire me to see winter in a very different light!! I tend to see it as an awful SAD event! :) Yes, it was warm here too (I think we are neighbors) and I spent Sunday cleaning up from the evil ice storm.

Cestandrea said...

Hi Suki, thanks for the wonderful misty pictures, and the thought that all we need to see a future and light at the horizon is walk a path, outside, in the fresh air. Take care and be well

marianne said...

What a beautiful post Suki!
It is like a mala, the end of something is the beginning of something new............. Hope all the new will be good what will come your way next year!

sukipoet said...

Cynthia, it sounds like an interesting place and place that you have lived. Be warm for me! Suki

Karen, amazing about the chicadees. Wow. You know about the orange colored thingys you can buy to put on the soles of your shoes dont you?? They stretch over the soles and they have grips on them so they make walking on the ice much easier. You can get them at EMS and other such places.

KIm thanks so much for your reflections. I know the year ahead will be filled with good things. for me and for you.

sukipoet said...

Cris , thanks for stopping by, I know you are very busy. The walk was wonderful but did I walk today? No. It is easier when i doesnt get dark so soon.

Dianne, again interesting to read about places where it is not safe to walk. Yikes. So when you go out painting it is always in a group? And/or you must drive everywhere.

thanks Laurel. Namaste to you. You know, when Mom was alive, I often walked down the hall to her room with my hands in prayer position. And the same when my SIL was alive but dying in the livingroom of the house across the way, I often put hands in prayer position and bowed saying namaste. To walk that way slows me down and focuses me and offers a sort of prayer I guess.

Kathleen. for the most part I dont like winter, however with camera in hand it is a feast of beauty. I dont mind it as much. Thank you for your kind comments re: my photos. I may take up Cris and Britt-arnhild's ideas of learning more abt photography. I know nothing. Of course, I throw away all the bad ones. ;)

Anonymous said...

I went for a walk yesterday too! I haven't walked in 2 weeks and it felt great, very invigorating. "Forward Motion", yes, into the new year.

sukipoet said...

Andrea, well it is that way for me. That a walk does lighten my soul.

Yes Marianne. thanks for those words. The end of one thing means the beginning of another. And so we plunge into the new year, not knowing what may arise.

Lynn said...

i know what you mean
it is new to me this year outdoors
and I have benefited so
from doing it
i too feel it propells us in ways we dont even realize
at the time
in many directions
i think we are up too
in the 20's
in MN
40's only in CA I see
you are having a bit of a heat spell. LOL

happy days are ahead suki

katie jane said...

Walking is GOOD! I have started my walking routine too, now that I have more control over my days. Our weather here has been teriffic; temps in the 50's and 60's. I could love winter this way, but soon I will have to walk indoors.
P.S. LOVE your sunset pictures on the previous post.

soulbrush said...

love the new header, nice1 award for you on my blog. hugs.

Annie said...

I think walking in nature, or running, is the best hing for the spirits and for the body. You sound like you are doing great.
Happy New Year, Suki!

Teri C said...

A beautiful post Suki. May life continue to be good.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, these unseasonally warm days when you are able to walk do get the blood stirring.

kj said...

"life is starting up again"....

so it is, suki.


Dianne said...

Dear Suki, yes, when we paint out, it is always in a group and we have to drive everywhere with our doors locked!