Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good Cheer

May you all be blessed with light, love and warmth during this holiday time. Namaste, Suki

Photo: Mom's angels made of cloth, wire, gold paint and Styrofoam (for the head).


Cynthia said...

Suki, may the spirit of your mother's love bless you this holiday season. And may all of your readers who have lost loved ones, find them once again within their hearts.

marianne said...

Thanks for this beautiful wish!
I wish the same to you Suki!
Lots of love and a warm hug >M<

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

How wonderful to have your mother's decorations to enjoy this holiday! The light shining on the angels is so beautigful and yes, I agree, may we all share in that loving light. May this holiday be a blessing to you!

m. heart said...

these are lovely! they remind me of a manger scene my mom crafted in a similar way when i was young...i hope they are still around somewhere.

blessings to you this season.

Claudia said...

Dear Sukipoet! How beautiful are these angels! - I wish you a peaceful and contemplative Christmas, filled with good thoughts of love and comfort! And I wish you all the best for the coming year!
Kind regards and love from

Dianne said...

Thank you for your blessing! Your mother's angels are lovely, they radiate love and warmth.

Cestandrea said...

Thank you Suki, for your blessings and I wish you peace in your heart and us all peace on earth. Take care, be well, I hope that time will heal the sadness,
PS the picture is so very beautiful, I find these angels so humble although there are golden Angels:) And there is sun in the picture, hope and love!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Suki, My heart goes out to you at this time. I hope you find peace in your heart from your recent losses.

katie jane said...

Oh Suki, your Mom's angels are lovely. I'm sending you warm thoughts and good cheer yourself at this holiday time. So sorry you are so snowed in. Maybe this is a good time to work in your inside studio. (Aren't you glad you moved all your stuff inside now?) Stay warm.

Teri C said...

How wonderful to share your mothers's with us.

Blessing and joy to you.

Annie said...

Big hugs and lots of love, Happy Holidays Suki.

patti said...

Beautiful angels Suki!

I hope you are able to find some peace and comfort this Christmas.

Honour said...

Thinking of you this holiday season Suki. wishes and blessings to you :)

~Babs said...

Thank you, Suki!

Your angels are beautiful there,,,
watching over you, warming your heart. Peace and Christmas comfort to you, Suki,,,,

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Angel's we have heard on high . . .

Blessings to you this CHRISTmas season.

Our celebrations begin early tomorrow and will carry over for many days. May joy find you this special holyday time.

: D ~~ Debbie

Karen Mowrey said...

These are beautiful and very unique!

May you have a peaceful Christmas.

soulbrush said...

they are golden angels, just like your mom...wishing you a blessed time- will you spend it with your brother? wishing you everything for 2009 and more. lots of love and hugs. xxxx

sukipoet said...

cynthia, Mom is very much with me as we celebrate the first Christmas without her.

Marianne, lots of love and a hug to you too.

Thanks Blue sky. may blessing come flying on wings of angels to you and to everyone.

m. Heart. I myself made a manger scene in a similar manner when I was in high school. I think I finally threw it out when I had to move 4 years ago.

Thank you Claudia. It is a very contemplative time for me, esp being so isolated here. Lots of time to just be.

You are welcome Dianne.

These angels are pretty humble. I have around ten or more of them. Mom loved to make them. the sun shining through that window is so brilliant and warm.

thank you Cris for your kind words.

sukipoet said...

katie Jane, I am glad to be inside. For one, I was closer to mom in her last weeks. And for two, it is much warmer here.

Teri C. Mom would be happy to know I showed her angels.

Annie, i hope you make it to the airport and off to Oregon with no problems.

Patti, thank you so much.

Honor, I am glad to be here with my brother and my son. Or I will be tomorrow. Tonight it's just me and the cats.

sukipoet said...

babs, yes, that's the thing about handcrafted things. Moms hands made these and it makes them so special. Thanks for your email which I know I haventresponded to but i found it very moving. Blessings to you, Suki

Debbie, I'll be thinking of you as you celebrate with your family and friends. Blessings.

Karen, Mom learned to make these angels for a church bazzare many years ago. for awhile they were very popular and i think she said a group of them were sold to some dept store.

Thanks soulbrush. My brother and son will be here for Christmas dinner at 2. Thank goodness the weather prediction is for clear weather, temps in the upper 30's.

human being said...

peace be upon her...
thanks for your wishes
infinite blessings to you!

the picture do not open for me... but i can imagine it... isn't it the same golden angle you had on your blog for a while?
it's beautiful...

studio lolo said...

These beautiful angels seem to be glowing. I'm sure they are :)

Wishing you time for quiet reflection and peace in your heart.

sukipoet said...

human being, yes the same gold angel as before. Wonder why the pic doesnt open. Have been having picture problems lately. Be well, human being.

Laurel, thank you for your kind wishes. The angels do seem to glow. There are around a dozen of them!

Kim said...


You are a beautiful spirit...it is such an honor to know you!