Thursday, November 06, 2008

Up the Road

Usually I walk down the hill by the fields. Down the hill there is more sun. The dirt road is smooth and unrutted. Up the hill the smooth road disintegrates into muddy tire tracks. The way is darkened by trees. There are fewer houses. Just three. And it is hunting season I think. I could get shot. I have heard someone target practicing, not today but now and then. It is all a little scary.

I walked to the crest of the hill, then down a ways toward the highway, then back. Someone's dog barked. Tied up thank goodness. On my way home, a pickup truck drove up behind me, but then turned down a side road. Where did he come from? Where was he going? The driver wore camouflage, like hunters do. It feels like an adventure, to walk up there.


willow said...

Beautiful woodsy road pix! Love your sidebar Suki's world!! :)

Annie said...

Oh the mud! It looks beautiful, but I could not take the mud.
I hate hunting season :-(. Be careful and wear red.
I also enjoyed your sidebar :-).

Kim said...

Oh Suki! Do take Annie's advice and wear bright colors when you walk in the woods. I would be terrified to think of walking during hunting season!

You know I love your photographs and these are not any exception!

Stay Safe!

Teri C said...

It is bad when you have to worry about being shot while taking a walk. It is so pretty.

Love the header with all those white fuzzies.

Jude said...

Header,sidebar and pics, all wonderful. Hhmm,yes, beware of stray bullets, I can hear the hunters in the mountains around us today.

sukipoet said...

Willow, thanks for the idea. Now I just have to remember to change it.

Annie, I dont mind mud. I walked around it. I forgot to wear a bright color y'day but made it home ok.

Kim, Thanks for your safety wishes. I will try to remember to wear my orange sweatshirt next time.

Teri, not sure what those white weeds are. Yes, up here hunters are king.

Jude, thanks for mentioning my new header and sidebar. Oh, you have the hunters too? I guess it's just two weeks for gun hunting, then arrows after that but still there are some creatures you can hunt just about every month.

Mary said...

suki--please go get yourself a red or orange hat at really don't want to get shot.

also, check the new hampshire state hunting dates online ;-)

i think it's turkey and grouse season? deer season is a little later, at least here, but they should all be listed on the state site somewhere--maybe the state wildlife site?

please stay safe!!

sukipoet said...

Thanks Mary. A hat is a good idea. My brother used to work at the gun shop so he knows the hunting stuff and told me it was coming soon that they could shoot, now I thought deer but maybe turkey. Whatever they shoot, I just dont want to be there.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautiful countryside. Forget the barking dogs and wild must have good boots with all that mud and water!! It has to be so cozy to come into a warm house after a walk in the woods!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

oh such cool pix. I love your header. and side bar too.
The header just hits you when your Blog opens. wow.
I hate hunting with a passion. They do it here but not around us thank goodness. If they NEED the food then thats one thing but for the sport of it I hate it.

katie jane said...

It looks beautiful there. I would be out walking every day if I lived there. I love to walk in the woods and see what's under every rock and behind every tree. We love to go to Gatlinburg, Tenn. and get a cabin way up in the woods and take nature walks.
Wear bright colors when you walk though.

sukipoet said...

Blue Sky, I avoided the mud by walking on the side. Walking here is kinda like walking in the land that time forgot. Crumbling stone walls, trees trees trees.

Cris, I am with you. I am a totally non-hunting person. I dont like guns at all. Even on Cape Cod there were little critters you could shoot almost every month. Chipmunks, chickadees. There, I lived across from the marsh and duck hunters would shoot. My neighbor went deer hunting and caught them too. He left a deer head out back of his house all winter one year. Ugh.

Katie Jane, other than the hunters, I am really loving the woods. Very peaceful and after I take a walk I always feel so much better for having been out in the quiet.

marianne said...

OMG what a spooky adventure! Please be careful!
Don´t like the sight of mud.......
Is it that season again? Or does the mud season come after the winter.......?

m. heart said...

hunters are here too, suki and i have to put a bright orange bandanna on the dog and an orange coat on myself before heading up into the woods. and god forbid if the dog follows her natural instincts and chases a deer she could be shot - apparently that's legal.ugh. i don't understand hunting at all.