Wednesday, November 19, 2008

first snow

For a few minutes on Tuesday we had flurries. Or, as my friend R. used to say, it was "spitting." I think that's a Massachusetts term. Hope that's it for the winter. :)

My haircut was fun but she cut it too short around the ears and in the back. "Do you want it tapered?" she asked. Why do I have to make choices? She showed me pictures and I chose tapered but I don't like it. Hopefully I'll remember these things for next time, but I never do.

I guess it is going to be up and down, up and down with Mom. Mostly she stays in bed and she ate her meals in the bedroom y'day. I realize that of course we all go up and down. I feel differently today (energy wise) than I did y'day. So why Mom's up and downs disturb me I don't know. Today the bro goes away for four days. I will make fish chowder. It is 21 degrees out this morning. Be well, Suki


Annie said...

Suki, it is to be expected at your mom's age for her to have down days. I know it is hard not to worry, I would be the same way, but we have to trust that whatever happens, all is well, spirit is always with us.
Sorry about the haircut, but at least it always grows back :-).
It is 20 degrees here this morning too, but that is warm for this time of year,usually it is 0 :-).

willow said...

Fish cowder sounds delicious. Perfect for a cold day like today! It's 21 degrees here this morning, too. And to top it off, our well pump broke last night and no water, which means no heat, since we have hot water heat. Brr. Hope the repair guy gets here soon, or I'll be typing with gloves on!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

You got teased it seems. :) snow flurries only. We are having unusally warm weather for this time of year. I am not unhappy about it either.:))
Sorry your not totally happy with your hair cut but its good it grows. I am so happy I got mine cut. It is so much easier to care for now.
Hope your mom is alright. It is unsettling when others get out of their old routines. We just worry about them. So put that worry into something creative. At least she is at home and comfortable.

Lynn said...

Hug your mom and eat your soup!
I can't even imagine spitting snow!
But I guess we'll see a lot of it over Christmas when we travel to MN again this year to see MIL.
She asked for a photo of her late husband the other day because she said she couldn't remember what he looked like. Her dementia is getting worse. She'll be 90 in April.
Yes, hair grows out, but I hear you, I hate it when I come home with too short bangs or the like.
I hope you enjoy some creative time today Suki! ;-) Hugs.

soulbrush said...

we also say it's 'spitting' here in the uk, for light quick drops of rain, i think it's an excellent description. of course you would be affected by your mom's ups and downs, that's quite normal, you will have to try to 'roll with the punches' right now. i hate having my hair cut, even though the same person does it every month, it never looks the same from one time to another grrrrr. i have so little hair and such a simple style, but still it gets cocked up!!

Teri C said...

Yikes! snow, that four-letter word that I don't like...thus Arizona :)

You are right, we all have ups and downs but someone, it's different in one we love.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Winter and snow have arrived here. My husband is out skiing and I am writing tomorrow's blog post which will praise the season.

sukipoet said...

Annie, I think I mostly worry that I should be doing something other than what I am. Although what I dont know. Wow, you also in the 20's. I keep forgetting that is ski country.

Actually, Mom says she likes the haircut so...who knows.

Willow, this fish chowder is quite good as you pour in two small bottles (3 cups) clam juice which sparks the flavour. Oh my, what a time for the pump to break. Yikes. I hope they go it fixed promptly.

Cris true Mom is in her own home and seems comfy. Those are big plusses. Lucky you to have warm weather. I am envious.

oh Lynn. so sad abt yr mom in law. But you will give her a great holiday by going to visit. Blessings to her and to you.

Soulbrush, what you say is so interesting. Both the spitting rain drops and i agree it seems so appropriate a term. And the fact that your haircut comes out differently each month. Hmmm, guess that is the nature of haircuts.

Thanks Teri. I am probably too close to Mom in a sense so I note all the little changes someone else might not. today she has rallied quite well and is doing bills and walking around a bit in the house so hurrah for today.

britt-arnhild, you have enough snow to ski!!! Wow. Well, they may have similar here in the north, not sure. Have fun writing yr post.

marianne said...

Oh no, snow! Yikes!
Hope this was just a mistake.......
So sad about your mom and that it is affecting you!
I visited my parents tuesday and they are doing fine. My dad has recovered from his cancer and my mom from the rehab centre. She is enjoying everything so much!
I bought my dad a desk, which we picked up one hour drive from here. I bought a chair also (on the internet also) then we drove to Rotterdam and installed everything. My mother was so happy, and with a desk she will never sit behind.... so strange.
But I am happy she is so gratefull and enthusiastic about everything, so not her.... so strange also.
She is happy finally.
All these feelings are so double.

Have no idea what tapered is, hope they didnt cut away all your lovely curls!
hug >M<

Mim said...

Ayup...spittin' snow. Sign of the times.

26 here today - so not good!

My dad is 95 and not in good health and there are days when he sleeps for 20 hours. And I think "well..this is it" and then - boom - he perks up again. I truly dread the day when he continues down and down but try not to think about it.
They always ask me what I want in a haircut. How the heck should I know??? Just cut it the same OK - and it still always looks different.
Take care and I love the blue paint

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Daily doings bring such comfort, and yet the unexpected snow adds a delicious twist. Fish chowder? Yum! Haircuts? Ummmm . . . no thanks. These days I cut my own bangs and let the back tresses grow with abandon -- too many short cuts left me grumpy, so I am resting away from salons for a season or so and enjoying french braids, gibson buns, and fancy hair combs.

Prayers go up often for you and your mom and this special time you are sharing. Don't muddle with worries . . . enjoy the moments strung together like precious pearls. Blessings to you.

Dianne McNaughton said...

Hi Suki, would love to see the snow, we don't have much of that here in Cape Town, 20 degrees sounds quite warm, we are working in centigrade, not sure what your temperature is, but assume it is cold! Many of us now have elderly parents and share what you are going through. You are amazing to give so much of yourself and care for her, she is very lucky to have you.

Mary said...

we had some of that same spitting snow here, too. it's been so cold! i'm not ready for it yet.

your chowder sounds like the perfect antidote to a cold, blustery day with a sleeping mom and a funky haircut....habg in there. there's not much you can do except be there in the moment.

Danielle M. Le Bris said...

Hello Suki,

Thank you for your posting on my blog.

My 40 paintings are up and the opening is this Friday evening.
The Jaffrey Civic Center is open mostly in the afternoons (closed on Sundays and Mondays).
Along with my small show there is a large show - split in 2 galleries.

If you plan on visiting please let me know. I'd love to meet you....We could have coffee or tea!

I just had a short haircut myself...I am not sure I like it yet!

Take care.


sukipoet said...

Marianne, it is so wonderful to hear that your folks are doing so much better! I guess we never know. Mom too has looked like she was dying at times in the past, but here she still is. My curls flatten out in the winter which is why I like my hair very short, though not this short.

Mim, I know elders sometimes sleep a lot. My main worry w/Mom is that too much time in bed might mean her legs get too weak for her to manage getting in to the bathroom etc. My best wishes to your dad and mom. I agree re: haircut question. How do I know what should be done. Please. I come here for you to do your thing. NOt to make decisions. But I never say that of course I just pick one of the things offered. :) Eat well and enjoy the warm in FLA.

Thanks Debbie. I think you are right. I must get my worries in check and just enjoy Mom while she is here to enjoy. I spent many years not getting haircuts and trimming it myself. But I cant do that with short hair. Currently I dont like any hair on my forehead or on my pillow and so I dont look like a ragamuffin I get a pro to cut it.

sukipoet said...

Dianne, we go by farenheight measure. It was ten this morning. the cold was even colder though as it was windy. This is not usual for this tiem of year. My fingers and cheeks were cold burnt from my first walk as I didnt expect it to be so cold and hadnt worn a scarf or my warmest gloves. Yes, elderly parents is something so many of us have in common. Mom is helping me out too as i am not paying any rent or utilities while here. So its a two way street.

Hi Danielle. Thanks for stopping by. I looked up the Jaffrey Center on the web. Not sure now if I can make it as feel I need to stay fairly close re: Mom. My brother has gone away too which adds to my feeling a need to stay close. I think it is over an hour to Jaffrey from where I am. But I'll let you know if I think I can make it --most likely on a weekday. Good luck with the show.

Bovey Belle said...

I'm an English "Hampshire Hog" and we always spoke of it "spitting with rain" - so I guess you can have it spitting snow a bit too. A North-country term for it (from my Manchester-born husband) is "picking with rain" . . .

I've never had (or made) fish chowder but it sounds just the thing for a cool winter day. NO WAY would I be able to find bottled clam juice ANYWHERE in Wales (let alone our rural bit!) - heavens - when we moved here 20 years ago, they'd only JUST found out about sweet peppers!

I nursed my mum following several debilitating strokes up until her death last year, so I can sympathise with your worries about your mom. Sometimes they seem to need to sleep more than others . . . as we all do.