Saturday, November 01, 2008

A bag of treats, no tricks.

From London, Soulbrush sent me this award a few weeks ago and I have been slow to say thank you and post it. Sweetest little fella, isn't he. Please help yourself to this award for your blog, everyone!! A Halloween treat. Thanks Soulbrush.

From South Africa, a card arrived hand painted by Marianne. That's because I made a suggestion for the title of another painting. This one is called "Turtle Moon" and I love it. So beautiful. Thank you, Marianne.

And from Oregon and Cris came this package of gorgeous hand picked and dried flowers. The viola's are from Fair's yard. Also included were a collection of old photos. A fabulous assortment. I don't know if you can see here, but one shows a man on a motorcycle. Another a bunch of puppies all eating out of the same bowl. There are babies, a woman with her arm in a sling, a bunch of guys standing around in front of a farm truck. Great.

And then, the roses. Petals in the bag and full roses on stems as you can see. Wow. These are just gorgeous Cris. And best of all, a card with a photo of one of Cris' beautiful paintings. Don't you want to just sit under the arbor and sip tea and chat? I know I will have fun using these in my crafts. Thank you Cris, so much.


soulbrush said...

It's a pleasure and these are all deserve to be spoilt!
are you joining nablopomo? and nonowrimo? i'm sure you are ,as you post every day anyway, and you write anyway. hugs

Annie said...

Wow. You received an abundance of treasures. I can't wait to see how you use it all in your art pieces.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Lynn said...

wow wow wow WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am SO impressed. What a treasure trove of goodies! Wow!
I love them all. What a bounty you received and all sent with love it's so clear to see.

I would love to take a copy of the roses in the bag (if you and Cris allow it) the lines are wonderful and I'd love to try to sew them on cloth. ??? May I...PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

Lucky, lucky you! And again Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I checked this out this morning and was so thrilled to see you liked what I sent you so much to post it I forgot to leave a message. LOL
Oh I am so happy you like it all. It took me so long to mail.
It is fun to get something in the mail and you got more too, cool. I think we ought to let Lynn use that photo dont you? maybe if she says PRETTY PLEASE. LOL
Your photos make the things I sent so much more special that I want copies too. :))

Honour said...

Wow Suki look at all the treats you got just in time for Halloween. I've enjoyed looking at your art over the past 31 days ... I am wondering how it feels to have a day without that now?

take good care and enjoy your weekend!

Lynn said...



WOW,,,lotsa loot!
People must love you,,,,life is good!

human being said...

wow a shower of goodies... sweet things from precious friends to feed the heart...

you really deserve them...

sukipoet said...

Hello everyone. I posted y'day and then went off and didnt look at the computer all day. So that's why I didn't answer the question about the photo. Oh yes, do use it Lynn. Perfect and perfectly fine.

Soulbrush, I am not joining those groups although as you say I post just about every day. I could never keep up with the writing. I am a slow writer and my head is pretty empty of words lately. Except for the blogging.

Annie, the postman was my friend this week. Well, no, he carried these lovely messages from friends. Although the web award came over the electronic waves. :)

Lynn, hope you saw message above about the roses in bag photo. Just fine and will love seeing what you make out of it. Thanks so much, re: b-day.

Cris, well to me your package was full of treasures, the kind I especially love. Thanks so much.

honor, thanks for looking through my drawings. For me, the big draw or any month long commitment like that is both fun and also a relief when I have completed it. It feels good to carry through on a commitment for sure. But also, I am glad when it is over as I can't keep up such commitments for a long period of time. I'm happy to have these drawings to look through for sure.

Hey Lynn, oh since you said pretty please, go right ahead.

Hi Babs, it is fun to get treats in the mail, for sure. Hope you had a happy halloween.

Hello human being. I hope you are well. Good to hear from you. Love, Suki

Mary said...

what a wonderful and lovely gift! lucky you! i'm sure you'll put it all to good use!

sukipoet said...

Mary, yes I do love dried flowers like this.