Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday Book Sale

A very organized book sale, books arranged by subject matter or fiction, mystery etc. People going around tidying up the boxes of books that get jumbled as folks look through them. I went first to the art books.

In the music CD section I found this. Once, I had a lot of Windham Hill records. Mello music for the most part. Good for my yoga practice time.

How could I pass up this CD of Rumi's poetry read in both Farsi and English.

Brief but nicely done.

A DVD. I have always loved Krishnamurti.

I read M.C. Richard's classic book Poetry, Pottery and Person many years ago and still have it in my storage unit. She was one of the Black Mountain College folks. Back in the 30's or 40's Black Mountain College drew a lot of innovative artists, writers and dancers as teachers. The kind of college I'd have loved to go to, but it only lasted a few years. This DVD is a memorial to MC Richards and has some lovely sections of her painting and speaking her ideas.

This book's subtitle is "Making Space for Creativity."

A coffee table sized book about Paris published in 1945. Sample spread. Lots of black and white photos interspersed with color reproductions of famous art.

I did pretty well I think. And it was fun.


Annie said...

Suki, I want all those books and CD's ;-). I think you did very well indeed. Have a wonderful week.

willow said...

I love our local library branch's "friend of the library" sales. You found some great little treasures!

I used to have a lot of the Windham Hill CD's. I wonder what happened to them?

Cestandrea said...

Suki, I whish I could have been there with you to have a look at all those books, I like you choices, am curious about Rumi,
and love to read Krishnamurti too, a DVD must be interesting, I wonder whether these are meetings with public?

Teri C said...

Fascinating books. I need ot check some of them out.

sukipoet said...

annie, I didnt find a lot of books, but they had a very eclectic selection. I mean, how often would one find an MC Richard's DVD.

Willow, I've been to some great library sales on Cape Cod. Up here they vary greatly but I have been pleasantly surprised at times.

Andrea, the Krishnamurti DVD is a film of a 1985 public talk he gave in Washington DC

hi teri, happy reading

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

wow you got a stash there.
Where did you get these? did I miss something. maybe I ought to go read again. lol
I love good finds.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

oh didnt say where. but I would go for that Paris book. cool looking and Cizannes book.

Lynn said...

Happy reading, looking, and learning. What a haul you brought home, a gal after my own heart!
I wonder how many quilting, knitting, crocheting books you passed up? LOL I wish I'd been with you! Enjoy!


My second love, after painting. Reading!
There's no such thing as owning too many art books.
Looks like you did well.

marianne said...

What great books! I have bought one about wabi sabi. But now I must read it, I can´t seem to put myself to it. I love to have a pile waiting ,just in case :)
The cd is something for Kelly as well I think...
Enjoy everything!

Kim said...


I think you did amazing. I love it when you share your treasures!

Have a Great Day...Cloudy, windy and rainy here today. It is starting to remind me of winter in England! :)

patti said...

You did do well! An interesting mix. I need a book sale like this!

m. heart said...

oh, great scores here suki! lots of reading material for the cold winter ahead (argh!)

Mary said...

what great finds you made! thanks for the little tour through them--i love mc richards and could get lost in any of the books and music you found. have fun ;-)

sukipoet said...

Cris, it was a library book sale about 15 minutes away.

lynn, I am sure I missed a lot of those as I didnt look in those boxes. Briefly in gardening but after awhile I get bleary eyes and dont see things.

Babs, I love books and used to have a lot but now I cant keep them. I read and pass them on.

Marianne, I have several books about Wabi-Sabi and am curious what the title of yours is or the author. I thought of Kelly re: the CD. It is short but enjoyable as they play music too. I listen to it when I pracitce yoga.

Kim, today (tues) we expect a snow storm later in that day. Ugh.

Patti, just curious are you in a rural area?? Or a more populated area with resources around. Australia is soooo big with so many large tracts of land that are, I assume, unpopulated.

sukipoet said...

m. heart, I went to this library book sale last year too and looked fwd to it this year. Some really great books but also lots of people.

Mary, MC Richards in the DVD was so interesting. At the end of her life she worked at a residence for emotionally and physically handicapped adults teaching pottery and painting. They show her making paintings too which is great, I love to see folks painting, and they interviewed a lot of people she knew who spoke about her.

human being said...

i take refuge in art
in the wisdom of the past
where i can disclose my heart

sukipoet said...

human being, this poem too is so lovely. Thought provoking.

Kikipotamus said...

Oh, what TREASURES you found! I am drooling.

sukipoet said...

Kelly, yes this was a great book sale.