Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Other work

Been working on the camera and hands. For me, working on what I call "details" is intense. I like the first stages of a painting where I can do large, sweeping movements. These are small movements. With pathetic brushes. I changed the angle of the camera, and made the fingers smaller.

Also puttering with this Temple that many of you have seen before in various stages. I will glue it to this large sheet of Lotka (I think) paper. Since I coated areas in wax I can no longer muck about with the painting as it is done in acrylic. I used some oil pastels to manipulate colors on top of the wax.

I glued on three of these leaves. They become very subtle once glued.

I had pressed them awhile ago. Forgotten I had them. Discovered them in my flower press and it took me awhile to figure out what flower they came from. They are marvelous both in looks and in texture and next year I will press all I can get my hands on. Originally they were red. Can anyone guess what flower they came from???


Mary said...

these all look great! i think your hands and camera are coming out wonderfully....and i'm guessing your flower petals came from a poppy? nice work!


Really like the new angle of the camera/hands. I think it's added more interest to the piece. Good idea!
I think poppy leaves also.
Oh, and I'm wondering, how thick is the wax on the temple?

marianne said...

My guess was a poppy too.
And the hands have turned out perfect. Is it the study which helped you?
The temle looks magical!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Well I third that quess. Poppy.
Your painting is coming along. I like the angle and the hands and I love the colors of the Temple.
Your really in a creative mode.
K-OSS is slang for jumbled mess. Something like that anyway. :)))

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

oops. I like the Angle of the camera. you might think I misspelt Angel. LOL

Lynn said...

red poppy and if I don't hurry I'll be late for work.
lots of wonderful stuff here suki
love the hands on camera.

Kim said...

Suki, I love what you have done with the Temple...the blue/purple really makes it pop! I also like what you have done with the hands and the camera. That is really progressing very nicely.

And I love those dried petals. I am terrible with flora names. I will leave that to those who know such things. I will say, though, I agree with you gather and dry as many as you can! They are very beautiful!

Great work here, Suki!

m. heart said...

the hands are looking fantastic!

note to self for next some poppies!

sukipoet said...

Well you guys are all just too good. I suppose the black spot gave it away. Poppies is right. Don't they somehow look Egyptian??

Mary, thanks and you were the first to guess rightly. In fact, I stumped no one.

Babs, the wax is not very thick on the temple, which was made on paper.

Marianne, I do think drawing the hands from the photo of my own hands helped. I kept one of the drawings before me as I painted and also put the photo on my computer screen to refer to.

Cris thanks. Well I never heard that K-oss thing before. Thanks. Actually I dont feel very creative right now. I have just been puttering with eensy little things and being lazy is what I feel like. I was just thinking maybe I should stretch some canvases but I havent gone out to the outside studio yet to get the stretchers. Cold out there.

Lynn thanks for stopping by on your way to work. Oh ye busy one.

Thanks Kim. These two are moving along soooo slowly. And I left the temple hanging on the wall last night via masking tape and it fell down during the night and got bent. I knew I shouldnt leave it up all night but there you go.

sukipoet said...

Thanks M. Heart. I had to chuckle at your words: note to self. Hmmm, I have a volume of notes to self. Be well,Suki

Teri C said...

Wow, how very interesting! I was guessing pansy until I read through the comments and discovered I was way wrong :)


PS: Note to self: press pansies this year! Thanks Teri C!
Suki, do pansies press well ya think? Seems I've seen that.

sukipoet said...

Teri I should have place my hand next to the leaf and you would have seen how large the leaves are.

Babs, oh yes I press pansies. I love them. I dont separate the leaves though, just press them whole.

Cestandrea said...

Just love the way you did paint the hands, they are delicate and elegant!
oh and the collage is really beautiful like this, it could stand on its own also, without the blue background, but whatever you will do with it, I'm sure it will turn out wonderful

sukipoet said...

Yes, Andrea, a poppy leaf. Isnt it great. Thanks about the hands. There may be a bit more work on them. I dont know. Well, I was gluing the collage onto the background so as to hang it. But I'll think about leaving it as is. I havent glued it yet.

katie jane said...

When you said red, that was a giveaway. At first, and on the temple, I thought they must be ginko leaves, but I saw the black centers and I knew.

Love the temple, and will be anxious to see the camera thing full size when you have everything right.

marianne said...

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sukipoet said...

thanks Katie Jane. I love to use ginko leaves too, but am out of them. You dont have a nearby ginko tree do you?? I will show the angel with camera when done. Almost there I think as I dont want to be fiddling forever. Am hoping to stretch some more canvas soon to begin somethng new.

Marianne, done

soulbrush said...

oh those camera hands are the best, i would buy just that piece of art with just those hands.

sukipoet said...

Soulbrush, you are so kind. That makes me feel like continuing onward whereas recently I've been wondering why I am doing this. And feeling so slow.