Thursday, October 30, 2008

big draw day 30

Charcoal. I have drawn this scene out my window a number of times this month. This is today's.

Here are a few from other days. I wonder if the scene will ever open up for me? To my mind I keep repeating it the same way.

So, the big draw is drawing to a close. :) Just one more day. It has been fun and yet, I am not sad to see it flow away. It creates a little bit of pressure to produce each day, whether I feel like it or not. That is both a good thing and something I sometimes resent. I have enjoyed seeing everyone's drawings and look forward to next year's big draw.


Annie said...

Suki, these are lovely. I totally understand your feelings about the big draw. I am one who needs to be inspired before I can do anything, and I feel that is the only way I personally can go :-).

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh I am feeling the same way as you. I am feeling pressured to produce and sometimes I havent really had the time but then it has been good for making me do something daily. I dont want to quit and probably wont but not daily and not when I dont have the time. so I hope I DO keep it up but I also want to practice with my watercolors and do some more oils and finish my bird painting.
Nice drawings and so glad you kept up with it the whole month. thank you as you did inspire me to keep up as did everyone else too.

Cestandrea said...

Suki, it is the variation which makes these drawings so special to me, the fact that you draw this scenerie again and again, I guess one could spend a lifetime drawing just this, or just one face over and over, or just one tree...I thought about this yesterday, and today, painting the neighbor's flat:)

I love this view too, because it is on my computer screen with the wild turkeys, remember? It is still there and greets me every working day in the afternoon, I guess it was the beginning of autumn when you photographed the little house, the field and those turkeys, last year....

Cestandrea said...

PS: I lost track of the big draw, I mean my thurst for colour is always so great that I can't do without it more than a couple of days...But it is good to go and see what everybody is drawing during one month..

marianne said...

]I can imagine the pressure!
But I enjoyed your drawings a lot Suki!
Lovely variations of your view. I really love the drawings you do with the micron pen.
Thanks for sharing all your drawings with us!
hug >M<

Teri C said...

These are just great! I have enjoyed all your sketches and hate to see the month come to an end. So keep sketching :)

willow said...

Oh, the top charcoal drawing is the one I like best. Nice, Suki! :)

sukipoet said...

HI annie. There are good things about all approaches I guess and most important is to know oneself and follow what works.

Cris, you inspire me too. Sounds like you have lots of ideas for the winter artmaking. be well, Suki

Andrea I do remember that you put this scene on yr computer. So neat. Well, I hope to continue with this scene through the winter in one medium or the other and see what happens.

I guess i think of yr watercolors as part of the drawing, Andrea, as you often have a ink sketch in there too.

Marianne, thanks. I think the pen is easiest for me really, except maybe for pencil but actually this year I favour the pen.

Teri, you too. Have enjoyed seeing your work. Take care, Suki

Willow, thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Happy Halloween.

Mary said...

there's such a nice and natural flow to your drawings. sometimes doing the same scene over and over forces us into seeing it in new ways. other times it just makes us tired and frustrated. the same with drawing or writing every day. i found i had a much harder time in the beginning than after the first 10 days or so, of the big draw. i seemed to get into the rhythm of it after that and it brought me back to something i truly enjoy doing.

that's one of the fun things about challenging ourselves with these things. i've signed up for the writing one this month and really don't care if i do it every day--i figure it gives me a goal, a jump start, if you will, to a project i've been wanting to do but haven't yet begun. sometimes these challenges are more pain than pleasure--in the past i've signed up for ones i've never finished!

Wurzerl said...

Suki, I 'm scrolling your pictures and always this draw I have before me is my favourite. Oh, it' s hard to find my personal winner, I love them all. Every picture show another mood with the same look! Very interesting, thank you for sharing this with us.
Have a Happy Halloween. (In Germany we discover Halloween more and more!)

patti said...

The scene you have painted reminds me of your banner photo - maybe you should create that - all those harmonious autumn colours. Still loving your drawings Suki. How much longer to go on the big draw?

Claudia said...

A wonderful task! - I heard of an artist who drew the view out of his window during one year, day by day. So he recorded 365 days - and they all were different!- I think it is a lot of pressure to do it for one year. But the fact is, inspired or not, it i s important to paint although we don't feel like it. Because they say: "the muse comes to the ones who are at work;-))"
Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blogs - and have a good weekend, Suki!

sukipoet said...

Mary, thanks for your thoughts about my drawings. The big draw is the only such challenge I've really tried and I did it both years to the end. I think you are right about trying the same scene over and over. Sometimes you see it new and sometimes not. Suppose it is that way with everything in life. Good luck with the writing challenge. Take care, Suki

Hello Wurzerl. How fun, I love it that you are discovering Halloween. I think its origins are in pagan rituals similar to May Day. A leaping into winter perhaps, not sure.

Thans Wurzerl for your reflections of my drawings. I really love to hear different takes on what i do. Be well, Suki

Patti, I like your new photo, you look happy and warm. Big draw ends today. !!!! Thanks for the idea of painting the banner photo. Babs said she might do that too.

Claudia, thanks for your thoughtful comments. I like what you say about the muse comes to those who are at work. In fact it is usually when I am just doing some craft or art work, sort of mundane even, that i suddenly get ideas for other projects. As opposed to when I sit around and read and feel badly that i am not doing anything. Hope you have a great weekend too.

human being said...

they are great... the charchoal work is a wow...

sukipoet said...

human being, I love charcoal. So earthy and rich.