Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big draw day 26

Pen My little one inch glass Laughing Buddha that sits on the window sill above my worktable. I just love window sills for the reason that I can put stuff on them. This was my SECOND try at him. I forgot that the photos are now uploading backwards. He sits at an angle which I was only partially able to capture.
pen. This was my first try. I think the second try above has more freedom of line to it. Namaste.


Mary said...

i love this little buddha! i have a little buddha my dad brought me from thailand way back in the 70s when he was in viet nam as a seabee! it sits in the window sill in my studio and every now and then i rub his head and belly--which my dad always told me would bring me luck. i don't know if it brings me luck but it always makes me think of my dad and that makes me smile ;-)

Karen Mowrey said...

Very free, he makes me smile. Lauren even thinks he is a cute little man!

marianne said...

Yes indeed the second one has more freedom, but the first has more buddha (for me).
have a nice sunday!
love >M<

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

You are getting really good using pen only. Yes the second one looks freeer.
I love window cills too. mostly the one in my kitchen. I put my little Garage sale Bird collection on it. Thought when we put in the new window I would lose it but I still have some room and there they are. Silly little thing but it makes me happy to see them there. :))

Annie said...

Love the Buddha ;-). Happy Sunday Suki.

Teri C said...

I love window sills also. How cute your little buddha must look. Great job on his drawing too.

Lynn said...

Well cone Suki...he has a happy feel to him. Like he is laughing about almost tipping over...;-)
I like them both.


Nice line work.
Also makes me think of a baby in the bath.

sukipoet said...

Mary, so lovely you have that buddha from your Dad. What a treasure.

Karen, thanks. Howdy to Lauren. the buddha makes me chuckle.

Thanks Marianne. Of course now I'm confused as to whether you mean the first pic I show or the one I drew first which is second.

Cris, I should unpack one of the boxes i brought with me as it has my gram's little glass and ceramic birds in it.

Thanks, Annie.

Teri, the buddha was given to me by a friend too which makes him really special.

Lynn I think the laughing buddha laughts at everything.

Babs, I had a good laugh at your comment re: baby in the bath. there is that baby quality to the bald buddha's esp that laughing buddha.

Kim said...

Hi Suki,

You know I like both of these a lot. You are right the first one shows a lot more freedom of line movement. But the second one shows a really nice style, even if it is more a controlled line. Either way, he is really sweet.

I have to say I agree with you about window sills. The deep ones are so very appealing for the reason you state. The window sills in this house are the narrow ones. In the cottage where we lived in England, the window sills were deep...from maybe 6" to two which were a good 15" deep! I loved them so much!

Thanks for sharing your sweet friend with us, Suki!

patti said...

A very content little buddha! You captured the lean perfectly.

(Suki you should be able to move the photos to the placement you want - at least that's what i do)

sukipoet said...

KIm thanks for your buddha reflections. I always associate really deep window sills with England and Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights movies. Love it.

Patti, I could move them in HTLM but just a week or so ago I didnt need to do that. They uploaded the way I ordered them in the first place so what I dont get is why the change. But thanks for you help anyway. If that's what you meant. The HTML section.

Cestandrea said...

love this little happy guy, Buddha, he makes me smile too! love both sketches

sukipoet said...

thanks Andrea. He reminds me of your little buddha.