Sunday, October 12, 2008

Artist Tour

On Saturday I went on an artist open house tour in the Dublin area. 57 artists participated. Gail Huntley is a fabric designer. I bought this wonderful cloth pin at her studio. (The rainbow reflection comes from the glass hanging in my window.)

Back of pin. I liked the way she used old doilies (?) and scraps of cloth and the safety pin to pin it on.
Little vase I bought from Lulu Fichter. I bought a small dish she had made at the Craftsman's Fair this summer and love so much I sought her out on this tour.

I bought lunch in Harrisville, an old brick building weaving town which I have always been drawn to.

The brick buildings, for the most part, seem to have been kept in good repair. There are MANY brick factories, abandoned, in many NH and VT towns. Often in disrepair.
The little library extends out over one of the many ponds.

Cute sign.


Cestandrea said...

Suki, these are precious objects, my favourite one is the little vase, so like a little moon with craters, and shallow to put flowers in the moon:)
And the colours in the landscape are awsome. The blue and the brick and the dark, reflecting ponds, the contrasts are very strong in the sunlight! Lovely surroundings.

Annie said...

Cool pin, and I love the vase! Thanks for taking us with you :-).

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Suki, That first photo looks like a calendar shot. wow.. what a great photo. pretty town. colors are changing.
Glad you got out and about yesterday. Its fun to go and find something to buy you like. I always treasure those things. Looks like you will too. Liked the pin alot.
Thanks for sharing. How long did it take you to get there?

Teri C said...

Wow, thanks for the wonderful tour. I drove through NH, Con. years ago and I think I saw this barn! (or one just like it).

marianne said...

What beautiful pictures Suki! The sky is so blue!!!!
Love the vase too.
Guess you must have had a wonderful day Suki! Sounds like fun to me!
hug >M<

soulbrush said...

glorious views, i too like the doilies pinned on and that vase...i always think one's got to have an 'eye' for these things, not surre i have thet 'eye'.


The colors in these photos are breathtaking!
I see cobalt, prussian, phathlo,
sienna, raw sienna, magenta,,,of course ochre & olive.Sooooo many more! Just fabulous photography, Suki!
Great little 'finds' that would bought also, especially appealing to me is the vase.
Super post!

sukipoet said...

Andrea, the vase is a treasure. I was so happy she had a small item that I could afford and with so much surface detail.

Yes, it was a beautiful spot and a beautiful day.

Annie, I thought you'd like seeing this vase which she made by hand building. It has a different sort of shape too.

Cris it was a loooong day for me. An hour to reach the area where the artist open studios were, and then long drives between artists too. I was exhausted afterwards. But felt very inspired.

sukipoet said...

Teri, or one like it. Chuckle. there are so many barns around here.

Marianne, I did have a wonderful day.

Soulbrush, I dont know abt an eye. Just whatever you are attracted to...that's it. The one for you. Subjective. At least that's my POV

sukipoet said...

Hi babs, love that list of colors you see. It was a perfect day and perfect timing for the leaves in full color. There were many other things I'd have liked to have bought too, but needed to stay in a budget and these are special.

Kim said...

Suki, I love these lovely pieces you purchased. The little vase is delightful, and I see the pin on a black or navy wool coat lapel. And your lunch sounds like it would be delightful there. And then you found one of those fantastic New England Signs! Ah, what a fabulous day it seems you have had!

How are your fingers?

Thanks for taking us along with you, Suki! It has been a real treat!

Lynn said...

Your banner picture took my breath away. I've loved the last three so very much. (from feet to this one).
The fall colors are so wonderful there.

The art you bought is lovely too.
The pin so interestingly made. I like how you showed us each detail. Makes me want to try to make one like it. I have more of my grandmother's junk jewelry left. And old lace like this. HUMMMM?

Sounded like a fun day, and glad you gifted yourself so well.
I wish I could come back there and go to some of these spots/shows with you.

patti said...

Breathtaking banner photo Suki. A beautiful spot at a beautiful time of year.

Enjoying your drawings. I must try using non-dominant hand too & see what happens.

Mim said...

Oh dear it looks like I missed one of my favorite artist tours! As we were going biking yesterday I was thinking about that particular tour..wondering when it was and wondering if you would go! Harrisville is also one of my favs! Wonderful day.

human being said...

wonderful scenes and precious things...
all the colors and forms are refreshing...
thanks for taking us with you...

Jude said...

Thank you for your kind comments. The whisk does look as if it has a life of it's own........
I really enjoy doing the excercises, should do them more ofen though.Fantastic photos, the changing colours of the trees,just wonderful. We are so lucky in many ways.
Take care

paulanm said...

This sure looked like a great day. Wish I could have tagged along....beautiful fall weather !

That pin is really nice.

sukipoet said...

kIm, I didnt even think about the fact that this was one of those NE signs. It was a super fun day and I got lots of inspiration from it. Not shown was a bookbinder's place with gorgeous books of leather and elk bone! I can never make things as perfect as hers but inspiring never the less.

Lynn it would be fun to show you around the area, although after mid-Dec nothing but nothing is going on here. The pin has some padding inside it, cloth, onto which the lace and jewelry is affixed. I too have old cloths like this and thought perhaps to give it a try. For awhile I made any number of pins out of various materials.

Hi Patti, well it is fun anyway, using the non-dominant hand. Yes, the leaves make this spot gorgeous right now.

sukipoet said...

Mim, it's the same weekend every yr. Columbus Day WE. It was fun but I didnt make it to too many places. Though did get to visit my friend's gallery in an "alternative" tour. Alternative to the official tour that is.

Human Being, I was just thinking of you today and wondering how you were doing. Good to hear from you.

sukipoet said...

Hi Jude thanks for stopping by. Not hard to get good photos this time of year. Mother nature does it all.

Hi Paula, it was a great day. Maybe another year you can tag along!

katie jane said...

What a beautiful pin! So feminine and antique-looking. At first I thought it was a polymer embelishment done in a rainbow effect. How clever of you to catch the prisim from the window.

What a wonderful day for the art fair! It is so beautiful up there. How I wish I could vacation there - especially since I love cool places.

Love your vase too. Great photos.

sukipoet said...

Katie Jane, were this my house, I'd invite you to stay here and tour about. Maybe someday I'll have a home I can offer up. the rainbow reflection was from your wonderful wind dancer. Indian summer weather means I can open the window. It dances so beautifully.