Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A last bouquet from the garden

Frost is predicted on Thursday night. I am running errands today, Tuesday, preparing to take a 4 day trip to Cape Cod. Oil change. Getting food in for Mom. Pick up her meds.

I leave Thursday morning. I hope to get some more things out of storage, visit with friends and walk the beaches. Mom seems a little shaky. Unwell somehow. But the bro is around and could even stay overnight here if Mom wanted. As long as she stays up and walking, I'll go off. If she worsens of course, I won't.


Cestandrea said...

Oh these colours, they warm um my heart right now, cause it is already a bit fresh here.

Gorgeous colours!
Have fun on the beach and being on the road!

Annie said...

I hope you get to go. A trip to the sea sounds so good to me and I know you will bring back photos :-).
Have a wonderful time!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh what a good idea to go spend a bit of time at the ocean right now. and to get a few more things from storage. We will miss you but you will be back all refreshed. I hope your Mom is all right for you to go.
Are things ok with your Bro? How is he doing?

Lynn said...

I hope you get to make your trip Suki. Tell the cape hello from me. I miss beaches and ocean.
Get sand in your shoes on your toes...water up to your ankles maybe? Enjoy your friends.
Do hope mom's health allows you this respite.

I know said this before but I really LOVE your new banner photo. It makes me smile each time I see it.

Kim said...

Suki, these flowers are beautiful! They are in such wonderful shape for this time of the year! Seriously...frost! Wow! Well, I am sure we will be facing those cold autumn nights and warm autumn days.

Down here we are kind of swinging with the weather...in the low 70's F here today, but on Sunday it was almost 95 F! ARGH

I am sure your mother is so used to the way you do things for her. She is probably shaky thinking about the change (which is so much more difficult for many as they age). At least you are not that far away, so you can feel more comfortable with running down there and having a lovely time. The flowers will help remind her you will return very soon! I am sure all will be very fine...and you need this break.

Enjoy your trip and be safe!

m. heart said...

oh, what a wonderful time to be at the ocean when all the tourists have left for the season. i really hope you get to go.

don't forget to email me your address for the atc card swap! i will let you choose which one of yours you want to send me, as i would rather be surprised :)

now perhaps i should go gather some flowers as well...

sukipoet said...

Hello Andrea. I seemed to have mostly oranges and yellows in my flowers garden with a few pinks. They are cheerful. Thanks for the wishes for fun.

Annie, in fact I've thought of taking a photo of my storage unit, but guess that wouldnt really be too exciting.

Cris, thanks. My brother hasnt said much about himself, but he is clearing things out, visiting friends and running for State Representative (not in the US Congress but for NH). So he is taking care of himself by being busy I guess.

Thanks Lynn. I almost bought one of those gourds today but couldnt find the price at the roadside stand and no people around. At another garden place though they were $8 so I didnt get one.

Kim I think you may be right. I think mom likes having me here esp at night and is anxious at my being gone but also wants me to go too to have a break. this is a good time for me before the winter ice. Also, I hope to do a number of fun things up here in October so Sept works well to go down there. Thanks for your thoughts.

M. Heart thanks for the reminder about the ATC emailing. Ok you choose one for me too. The Cape is nice this time of year though it is more croweded now in Sept and Oct than it was when I first moved there 30 years ago. Still, I am not bothered so much by tourists. I kind of like the excitement they offer.

chook said...

It's funny. Down(up)here the leaves on the plum trees are coming after the blossom fall, the little dotterels are mating on the beach and all of the land seems to be inhaling after a long wet winter.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Still beautiful weather during the days here, but the nights are cold. I am agraid frost is not far away.

Natalya said...

have a great trip!

Elizabeth said...

Fabulous abundance, glorious colours, such a joy to see. How i love your photos, and the Angel too.

Hope your Mum stays OK so you can make your trip and have a good time by the sea. You deserve the break :-)

Love and good wishes.

marianne said...

Oh Suki I wish you can go and that you will have a wonderful trip!
Walking on the beach!
Seeing friends. Getting some of your stuff.
Make the most of it and be safe!
love >M<

marianne said...

Ps what a lovely flowers, in my garden I have not much left........

sukipoet said...

Welcome Chook. From Austrailia?? Wish it was warm weather in the making here.

Britt-arnhild, we have had a few very cold nights, but right now is Indian Summer I guess.

Thanks Natalya. Not as exciting a trip as yours though.

Hi Elizabeth, thanks re: photos and angel. And good wishes for a fun time away.

Marianne, I wish you could come too. That'd be a fun time.

patti said...

It will be nice to have a break and feel the wind in your hair. Very lucky to have your brother around.

Thanks for the yoga link to Seane Corns interview - it's right where I'm at at the moment, so enjoyed it immensely.


Glad you're gonna get some sand in your shoes & clear some cobwebs from your head. The beach is sooooooo good for that!
Your Mom is likely just having some 'separation anxiety' issues,,and will be fine. She's just become used to you being there.
Have a wonderful time,,and enjoy your break!

Kim said...

Oh I am so glad you have some fun things to be looking forward to doing in the future weeks!

Go, have fun and be safe!

sixty-five said...

Frost?! But it's not even fall yet!

Mary Richmond said...

hey--email me if you'll have time for a walk! have a safe trip.

sukipoet said...

Patti glad you enjoyed that Seane Corn interview. NOw I wish I had a device upon which I might download MP3's. Probably everyone but me knows what this device is.

Thanks Babs. That's what I thought too abt Mom, separation anxiety. In fact, I too go through that when leaving. I used to go through it every time I visited here when I lived on Cape Cod. I mean anxiety about leaving my elderly parents up here in the cold, dull north.

thanks Kim. I look forward to the trip.

Sixty=five, we are not that much further north mileage wise yet the temperatures say we are.

Ok. Thanks Mary.

Cestandrea said...

Suki, I hope that your mom will be fine and that you will be able to make that trip to the ocean, which must be beautiful right now (well it always is, isn't it) and full of inspiration too!
So, are you going tomorrow?

sukipoet said...

Andrea I will leave on thursday and return on Sunday. A short visit but I know it will be fun. See you later.

soulbrush said...

just a perfect break for you after the dufficult few months you just had, have a super duper time and travel safely (also thanks again for all your encouranging words.) hugs.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Suki, Sure hope you have been able to travel to Cape Cod...a special place for you and special to visit before the weather changes. I think your angel with camera is great and I liked her evolvement. Now a writing blog...you're getting ready for a busy winter! Thank you for mentioning me in your blog.
Best trip,
Mary Ann

CHEWY said...

Your new header photo jumped right up an scared me! (hee-hee) I thought the gourds were snakes. Great photo!

Paula said...

Love those beautiful gourds in the header. Wow.

Cape Cod, I lived there for three years a long long time ago and loved it. Brings back fond memories.

Quiche said...

Hi Suki! Fabulous flowers! Reminds me of my grandmother's flowers- even painted her portrait amongst them (:

Infinite blessings to you, your mother and brother, and have a lovely trip (:

Honour said...

dear suki - i know you are away, but just wanted to say i'm thinking of you anyway!

p.s. yes, the blog is the same, just a new address that's all. just in case you had it bookmarked.

Mim said...

The cape will be awesome this time of year....just blue sky and crisp air...and the ocean peace. Hope you are having a wonderful time.

human being said...

hmmmm... a break... great... wish you a wonderful time out there... lively moments like the flowers you've posted here...
lots of love