Friday, August 01, 2008

pie, paper and a link

Blueberry pie I made yesterday with purchased organic blueberries. I used less than 1/2 cup of sugar so the berries were sweet with a hint of tart. Delicious.

I have very little handmade by me paper left. This is something I did for a commission that was to have a Southwestern theme. I made about 4 of these and chose the "best" one for the commission.

If I remember correctly the colors come from using colorful paper to make this from although I have used dyes and also berries and grasses to get colors.

I believe this one and the next one were done with special dyes just for paper making.

These vague ones are made with the mold under water. You pour the pulps onto the water filled mold. The pulps swoosh around and are hard to control. You can place pieces of cardboard on the mold to separate one color from the other. This is one of my favorite methods. Most control is gone. So freeing. And fun.

I have finished five of my wax collages and have posted them in a picasa web album. Click here to see. In the upper left side there is a "slideshow" button. If you click on that, you can see the collages enlarged. "Such a Gift" is sold (well, traded really.) They are $50 each. Soon I will post them on Etsy but wanted to give you all a preview here.


human being said...

yum yum yum...
the tart.... hmmmm

and the handmade papers.... Suki, they are poetry... believe me... they talk to our soul... how beautiful and inspiring they are...

just want to immerse in their beauty....

this is for the one with a butterfuly...

diving up
in the feathery
touch of the
moment's ocean...

Mary Richmond said...

oh what beautiful papers. i'm getting in the mood to make paper....may be having a weekend workshop this fall....maybe you could join me. wouldn't that be fun?

Kim said...

Suki, that pie looks fantastic. I also love fruit pies with little sugar...oh, heck, Suki...I just love fruit pies, but the ones with less sugar are my favorite as you can really taste the fruit...same with organic...more flavorful! And your tablecloth...I love it!

Oh, those handmade papers are so beautiful. I have never made paper, but I can understand the appeal. I think I would also prefer the uncontrollable method. Like HB, I kind of want to get in there with all that texture and soft color. I am very eager to see your commission work.

And your beeswax collages are really wonderful. It is very difficult to choose one over the other. They are beautiful, Suki!

sukipoet said...

Thanks Human Being for that beautiful poem. "Moment's ocean..." so lovely. I have to say myself I love handmade paper, so rough and uneven. At least the way I make it.

Mary that workshop idea sounds fun. So long since I've made paper. I could make a couple of mold and deckles and do some here I guess. I did buy some screening the other day.And I have some stretchers. Hmm, now i"m talking myself into getting some paper made I think.

Kim, that's Mom's table cloth. I myself like a table of bare wood. But thanks. Don't you just love HB's poem. I think it should go along side the paper. that butterfly was one of the ones mom gave me from a collection she'd had for years. So I made some butterfly pictures for awhile.

I like the way I can get closeups on picasa of the collages so they can be seen more clearly.

Well, got my drivers test done. No written exam or actual driving exam. I only had to do the eye test. Whew. It was hard enough really, some of the letters seemed blurry. But i passed. so that's it for the residency transfer stuff. I'm legal now.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Yummm blue berry pie. looks good. :))Lovely paper and HB says it well with her lovely poem. Can you write on any of the papers you make? or are they just for decorative purposes? It looks fun actually.
Congrats on getting done with all the legal stuff. Doesnt it feel so much better? ahhhh you can breath and create now. :)


Ooooooh, that pie!
I actuallly made a blackberry cobbler since we last talked berries,,,ate some & froze the rest.
LOVE the paper with the butterfly,,gorgeous,,,but all of them are, actually. I really DO want to touch them!
Good luck with the collages,,they are beautiful,,,,I just love looking through that translucent wax to the surprises within.

Annie said...

That pie looks so lovely and to pretty to eat :-), but I would.
The papers are beautiful.

San said...

Suki, your papers are so lovely. It's hard to pick a favorite. Such a delicious dilemma.

Thank you for posting only one pie. I could eat them all. That lattice crust is a work of art too.

sukipoet said...

cris, I must say the blueberry pie is delicious. I love to bake, yet rarely take the time. So now, Mom and I can enjoy this for a few days. The paper I have shown would be difficult to write on as it's so bumpy. I can make smoother paper with sizing in it that you can write on. I am resting easier having done what I should do, legal wise.

Babs, blackberry cobbler sounds delicious too. The treats of summer. Yes the papers are wonderful to touch. Avery sensual medium. Although I have seen handmade papers that are so smooth almost like machine made paper.

thanks Annie. I don't eat very many pies per year. Maybe pieces of some at Thanksgiving or Christmas. So, this is a real treat.

San, don't you just love handmade paper? When I was in Taos oh so many years ago I met a handmade paper artist at a craft fair in a park (very humble fair, just a few tables) and her business was called "Laughing Crow." That was before I made paper but I was inspired by her work and bought a good lot of it.

The crust, you know that is frozen Oronoque Orchards crust. As a child, I lived near Oronoque Orchards which was a small local place near Sikorsky aircrafts I think. So, I always buy their frozen crusts. Most likely not available out your way.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Suki, I just visited your Picasa web album and really like your encautics. The edge on "Why" is especially nice! You are having a productive summer!
Mary Ann

Karen Mowrey said...

oh Suki, the papers look as delicious as the pie! Love the one with the butterfly. People say to me "where do I find the time" but I am really wondering where you get yours from! Great creations Suki!

sukipoet said...

Hi Mary Ann. I too like the sort of ragged edges with just drips of wax. I am working a fair amount this summer, but the handmade paper was from several years ago. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Karen,Well, I am "retired" and just up here taking care of my MOm who is pretty able, so I have flexible time, though not always the energy. The paper though, as said above, is from a few years back so I cant take credit for making it this summer. Take care, Suki

Claudia said...

Nice cake and nice work! got an award...please come and visit my blog!
Kind regards from

Anonymous said...

The handmade papers ARE poetry. And oh, that pie looks divine.

soulbrush said...

this looks so interesting, can't wait to make some paper in my new art lessons.

sukipoet said...

claudia, you're back! I'll visit your blog shortly. Welcome.

Kelly, thanks. I think the paper is inspiring. Nothing to do with me actually. It's for me a totally egoless process and the results are due to the nature of paper, not my hand.

Hi Soulbrush. Are you who I think you are??? Yes, I think you'll have fun splashing about in the paper pulp (slurry it's called). Be well, Suki

marianne said...

Yummy pie!
And delicious papers! So delicate and it is just like lokking at clouds, you seem to see things in them.
Love >M<

Honour said...

just catching up on my blogs dear suki. the pie and the paper look delicious in their own ways!

sukipoet said...

Marianne, thanks. I guess both paper and pie have their own taste.

Honor, thanks for looking. The pie is now gone, so yummy.