Sunday, August 31, 2008

Everybody's Doin' It

I've had the hardest time doing this post. So, the main body of description begins after these first two pictures which disappeared so I had to add them in again. Argggr.
Plus I kept not being able to type the links in correctly. Grrrr. :)
Ah, here we are. These are ATC (artists trading cards) also known as ACEO's (art cards, editions and originals). The main rule in making them is they must be 2 1/2" by 3 1/2 ". You can create them in any medium:photos, collage, watercolor, acrylic, oil. Whatever you like.

I've had fun completing these 12. I have 12 more laid out to glue up too. The little stones are mostly Tourmaline bits that I bought at the rock swap in June. They seem to vary in color from green to blue to black.
Otherwise, I just plunge into my paper scraps box and pull stuff out.

Katie Jane put forth a question on her blog about ATC's. Did anyone want to make and trade? Well, guess I'm ready.

Karen has made four ATC's and has begun trading too. See her blog here.
Mary Richmond has some watercolor ACEO's for sale in her Etsy shop.
And Babs has some oil ACEO's in her Etsy shop.
You are supposed to sign, date and number and name your cards on the back which I haven't yet done. So if you want to trade for one of these you'll just have to describe it or count down to which number picture it is.
Very therapeutic to make these. Meditative.
Last night the end of my dream was this: I came into my Gram's kitchen. I started two pots of coffee perking in electric pots. The electric cord on one pot started sparking and flaming. Fearing fire, I unplugged it. Just then my folks came in from outside. I told them not to plug in the damaged pot. I noticed I hadn't done my housework job. There was trash overflowing, dirty dishes stacked. It was midnight and I was tired. I was afraid my folks would be angry. I'll do this in the morning, I said.

Today is warm and sunny. Doing chores, stretching a canvas, taking a walk to the pond. Those are my intentions. Be well, suki

please note the links to Karen and Katie Jane just go to their blogs. You have to scroll down to find the relevant posts. I tried to link to the specific post but it didn't work. Sorry.


Mim said...

I love doing ATC's and have traded on a group called Monday Artday ATC's. Most of my ATC's are posted there, there is also a link on my blog to a slide show of ATC's. I'm ready for a trade whenever! I'll come back and give specifics - we're off to a drive (not a hike or a bike or a kayak) in sunny NH.

human being said...

lovely... very lovely... all of them... i'm amazed by their variety... you're so creative,Suki...

have a wonderful walk...

sukipoet said...

OK MIM> Cool. And I'll try to check out your slide show hopefully before you return from your drive. Lovely day for a drive too.

HB thank you so much. So far i havent gotten to the walk, but i will soon I hope.

Karen Mowrey said...

Hi Suki!

Each one is wonderful! So hard to choose. I keep going back to the white one with the purple color mesh square, some map, greenish blue stone in center...right after the word "Meditative". That is the one I want if no one else has beat me to it!

sukipoet said...

OKAy Karen. It's yours. First dibs. Thank you.

Annie said...

These are lovely, the first one is my favorite. I have too many things going on, but I may do these later. Have a great Sunday and a wonderful walk.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

oh these look like fun. I will have to check into it more. Have a great rest of the weekend.


What fun!
They are all great Suki,,I would choose the 9th one down,,,but I haven't any new postings of ATC's anyplace for you to choose from, and I don't see time upcoming soon to do so.
So,,,that's the one I would choose, but don't 'hold' it for me,,if someone else wants it. All I have currently listed are those red ones with wire in my Etsy.
What a fun thing though, loved seeing them all!

katie jane said...

You did them!! And they look terrific! I'm so delinquent, I haven't really started any small ones, but I want to. My spare time seems to be at a premium lately. When/if I ever get some done, I would love to trade with you.

Your dream sounds weird. Are you feeling overburdened?
I always dream dreams where I'm running behind schedule, or have more work than I can finish. Wonder why?

Patti said...

Catching up on your posts at last Suki. Yoga, herbs, healing, massage, lunch out - all wonderful things. So good that you can connect with them.

ATC's look interesting, I will check it out too.

sukipoet said...

Annie, thanks. These were fun to make. Hope you are doing well.

Cris thanks for stopping by and looking.

Babs, ok. I dont think i'm going to have a huge rush on these. I didnt feel I had much time either, some many other projects to do and tasks, but these proved therapeutic. As they are so small they did not take really long and I love to arrange little pieces of things together.

Katie Jane, I'm not sure about what the dream means. The fire part was scary, not being able to keep up seems to be a theme. But I dont know.

thanks Patti. I have had some lovely things going on and today was an unbelievably gorgeous day.

Mim said...

I love 9 Suki - I think you said that was available (pretty hard to choose, I like them all) and will trade - got to double check to see what I have and will let you know, mim

Lynn said...

nice work, interesting, sorry you had trouble loading it all up here.
That can be frustrating.

Will come again and look closer.
Was busy muself today up to my elbow (almost) in gel and scissors and photos.

Mary Richmond said...

these are great! and i love therapeutic art work....

Cestandrea said...

Hi Suki, these are all great, my favourite is Number two, I love the "material" aspect of it, everything melts and bonds together, and the red one at the end is so sweet too, with the dots, and funny:)
Have a wonderful day, you are very busy artwise, that is great and I'm happy to be back to witness it all:)

sukipoet said...

Mim, okay will wait to hear from you.

Lynn, sounds like you are busy creating. Wonderful. Although i sometimes wonder if you ever sleep???

Mary, yes it is good therapy and cheap eh?

Andrea it is wonderful to have you back. Thanks for all your kind words and reflections.

Quiche said...

These are fabulous! Many reminded me of my genealogy ephemera, and this book I had about quilts and embroidery- the person who wrote the book had this technique of superimposing a photocopy of an old photo or handwriting on crazy quilt patches, and surrounded them with embroidery, beads, ribbon, buttons, etc.

I love the tactile texture of the papers and cloth elements, colours, the found objects incorporated in them, and the 3d quality of these. Magical treasures!

Infinite blessings!

marianne said...

One is more beautiful than the other!
This also answers my question what a ATC is and I also found the word ACEO in a lot of post and wondered what it stand for.....Now I know as well.
Trading is fun!
Love the gemstones in your work, there are no limits to your creativity.
love >M<

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Suki,This ATC is on fire! Your cards are wonderful and the swap should be great fun. I bought a set of 12 Bristol cards but too involved in my new series to change focus. Happy Labor Day!
Mary Ann

YogaforCynics said...

Great stuff--I particularly like the top one with the number 5 and the lace...bringing to mind a number of things I can't put a finger on...or at least can't provide words for, at the moment...and the one with what looks like a problem with blogger is that the "Show Original Post" thing only gives text....

Anyway, just stumbled onto your blog, might stay a spell and explore....

Honour said...

My friend Di is addicted to ATCs. You should check out her blog on my blogroll - Camel Caravan Tales. She is a wonderful artist, even though she does not call herself one. I know she also does it for the meditative qualities, but she doesn't actually *say* that.

Your dream, suki - what do you think it means? Maybe too many things for you to take care of? I'm glad you had a massage to help relax yourself - and even better - that your yoga class starts next week. Remember yoga is worth even the dirtiest coffee pot :)

sukipoet said...

Quiche, thanks so much for your detailed comment. YOu might check out Lynn's quilt. She prints old photos, emphemera and even her grandchildren's drawings onto cloth and then incorporates them into quilts. See "Lynn" on my blogroll.

thanks Marianne. I knew i'd find a use for the $2 teeny bag of teeny gemstones!

Marianne, so good to hear you are very involved in a new series of paintings. I like the way you paint in series. The little cards will wait for you in a transition moment. Be well, Suki

Welcome, Yogaforcynics, some of the emphemera on the top ATC came from a logbook of some organization from the late 1800's which I came upon at a yard sale. I know what you mean about "show original post." I'm always going back and looking again.

Hi Honor. I'll check out your friend's blog. Maybe she'll trade. I love what you write that "yoga is worth the dirties coffee pot." Made me chuckle. Had another overpowering dream last night. May write it in blog post. Be well, Suki

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful and thought provoking. I usually make several art Cards at the same time, but haven't had time lately as I've gone Mandala crazy.

sukipoet said...

Oh chewy, when you get some art cards made up I'd love to trade. I'm doing a whole bunch too but it's taking me away from other stuff I want to do. I'm kinda puffed up that you say they are "thought provoking." Wow. Not sure how they are that but neat that they are. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thought provoking in that some appear to be bits and things found in someone's pocket or tossed in a drawer. I think, "who is this person?" Others resemble landscapes.

Anonymous said...

I put a link in my new art card post. It leads to all my cards on Flickr. Take your pick.

sukipoet said...

Oh Great Chewy. Thanks