Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Water lilies and excitement in the neighborhood

I'd noticed these lilies in the Connecticut River a number of times. Today, on a pharmacy run for mom, I stopped and got their picture. Click to enlarge.

Meanwhile down the road apiece this was happening. The house was pretty shabby. I'm thinking someone died and the inheritors-- zip. They will have a nice, flat piece of land when it's cleared. I actually love to see half houses like this. I find them haunting. There the kitchen curtains, there the wallpaper in scraps. There the smoke laden walls. So many lives, so many stories held within. It's like tearing down a stage set before creating a new one.


m. heart said...

i agree, it's haunting to see the walls of a home fall. abandoned houses would be my absolute favorite photography subject if i weren't usually too scared to poke around in them. the last time j and went to photograph an abandoned house deep in the woods nearby the house was gone and a very unwelcoming woman suddenly popped out of the woods. it was incredibly creepy.


Wonderous lily pond. We used to have a Koi pond in our backyard. The lilies were so beautiful.

Old structures always hold intrigue for me also. We often get off the Interstate and take the back roads to see some real Americana.I always think about the history of those old homes,,the families,,stories. I'd LOVE to stop and poke around in some of the old deserted places we've seen,,,get a feel for them,,but my traveling companion won't hear of it, says it's too dangerous. Sigh, he's probably right.
This photo you show also makes me think of seeing the 'guts' of a house after a tornado has been through,,,it's insides all stripped and exposed, and then a basket of eggs on a table; untouched, whole. That ole Mother Nature is such a Trickster!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Beautiful pictures and post. It is sad to see older homes go, especially when they are ripped down to build something big and unsettling in its place. Guess that is just a part of life. The water lilies are quite peaceful just relaxing on the river. Thanks for sharing.

human being said...

the lilies are magnificent

and the house... so sad

Cris in Oregon said...

oh what a lovely treat to see the water lilies. So Monet ish. :)
You should paint them.

Cris in Oregon said...

oh forgot the old house...Its sad to see old homes being distroyed. So much history being distroyed. wonder if they will build a bigger place.

marianne said...

Waterlilies as far as the eyes can see.......How wonderful and inspiring!

katie jane said...

What a wonderful lily pond! How I would love to have something like that nearby.

The house is interesting. I agree with Babs and M, I find deserted houses somehow attractive. We have one here in our town that the inheritors (2 siblings) can't agree on who gets to make the decisions, so it just sits and decays. I may photo it, because I think it was probably a nice house once.

sukipoet said...

i've been trying to be good about commenting on the comments and then, last night, the cable got struck by lightening and the internet was zip until mid-day tuesday. Grrr.

M. Heart. What a story. It sounds like a scary fairy tale. Who was this woman and why was she guarding the ruins. Did you see the Blair Witch movies. I watched it due to my friend A. Anyway, at the end they come to an abandoned house that is really amazing. My understanding is, it was a real abandoned house, not a stage setting.

Babs, your husband is a practical balance perhaps to your adventurous spirit. Now my husband, now ex, and I used to drive the dirt roads in a pickup truck in Missouri near his hometown which was also near an army fort. He fearlessly drove anywhere, even on military land, and we found several abandoned homes with furnishing still in them. Now I was less brave and never would have done this on my own. I just sat in the passenger seat and followed. It was sure fun though.

Lisa, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Oon Cape Cod, yes, they would build a huge McMansion on this little plot of land. Up here in the north country though, it is mostly poor, and I bet it will be a humble house built here. Believe me, in this case, it was a relief to see this old house go. there was nothing aesthetic about it. It looked like something out of a horror movie.

Yes, Human Being. The lilies are so lovely. I can't show the beauty in my little pictures. And on the river too. I wonder how they got there.

Cris, you're right. Very Monetish. Hmm. I wish I could get a better picture, then I might try a painting. Also re: the house. Read my note to lisa above. It was hideously ugly and run down. A horror movie house.

Marianne, the water lilies are so inspiring. I must go look at them again. Hmmm. Maybe i should get some for my brother's pond.

Katie Jane, I always feel shy about photoing houses. This house I showed her, the workmen had taken a break and left for awhile so I got the photo with no one knowing. It would be fun to see your house though if you are brave enough to take a picture.

Mary Richmond said...

nicely said!

sukipoet said...

Mary Richmond, what do you mean? what was nicely said????

Anonymous said...

My part of the Connecticut River is not as pretty as your view.

I can enjoy the Lily Ponds at Forest Park. Maybe this weekend.

sukipoet said...

The river here is very interesting as there is a canal and a waterfall kinda thing plus it divides two states.