Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thank You and changes

Firstly, thank you to all who read Kim's interview, both those who commented and those who read and did not comment. I appreciate all your thoughts and your taking the time to read. I have left comments to your comments on several posts. Here is a freshly opened poppy for you all.

One of the changes that happened while I was gone was this bird nest came alive with baby birds. It is outside my studio door which I now keep shut to give them privacy.

On the Cape, I gathered things from my storage unit. My car was packed full. It's a Toyota hatchback and holds a lot. I was appalled to see how much stuff I had in my storage unit. But I left most of it there for another project.

Most of the boxes I brought back were art supplies. I spent several days clearing off these shelves full of Dad's tools, old paint, that sort of thing. I washed the shelves then stocked my stuff on them and it makes this end of the studio much more homey.

I also brought back this aluminum folding table. So light and it folds in half for carrying. I love it. The blue lamp was given to me years ago by Richard, who always supported my creative side. He died ten years ago. Unfortunately it rained at Mom"s the entire time I was gone and the carpets were wet and soggy in here. Everything had a coat of wet. I felt discouraged with using this space as a studio. But then, I vacuumed and aired it out and the sun came out. It's just that water and paper don't mix.

A small rug I brought back to cover the brown carpet in my bedroom.

My bedspread, a quilt Mom made years ago and I have used ever since. She doesn't remember making it. The pillow was made by my friend SD.

I brought back this painting done in the early 70's. Acrylic on canvas. My mother in law loved it so it sat in her house for years. When she died my ex-husband had it for awhile. Finally I asked for it back as I had never lived with it. Of course, it belongs to my son ultimately.


Cestandrea said...

Suki, this post is soooo beautiful. It makes me sigh. I love to enlarge the pictures and to take in every detail, for example all the little things on the shelves, the art material which is almost breathing and makes the place look alive and the artist's place. I like the blue lamp too, had one in red but it broke, these lamps are great to tear them near the object you are working on, and the folding table looks very handy.
And your painting with the three girls is awsome. I love it. Glad you are living with it now:)

Oh and the rug is very nice too, sure that makes the place cosy!

Oh, the poppy, it reminds me that a friend of mine ordered a poppy painting and I haven't yet done it cause I have no poppies here, and no pictures. Perhaps, I don't know if this is too much to ask for, could you take some more pictures for me of a poppy like that, with it's leaves ? That would be so wonderful but please don't bother if it's too complicated!

Cestandrea said...

PS: I forgot the nest! The nest and the quilt and the cussion.
When I open the nest picture, I see little fluffy blackblue things with beaks:) a row of little beaks, that's fun:)
And the quilt and the cussion are beautiful things, to be cherished and looked at with a loving eye

sukipoet said...

Andrea, I'll try for the poppy picture. They seem to bloom then the petals drop off so quickly. I have to go out there and look to see how close the leaves are to the flower itself. But i want to photo some wild irises so I'll go soon and see what I can find. Suki

Kim said...

Suki, I love this post. I know your studio space is rather a challenge for you, but it absolutely looks lovely to me. You seem to have space to move around in there and that is a true gift! Love the shelves!

How very kind of you to make sure the baby birds have as much privacy as possible while they grow.

I love the rug you brought must make a huge difference in your space there. Isn't it funny your mother doesn't remember making the quilt and you adore it so much. Love the pillow, too.

Suki, you are an incredible inspiration to so many people...your impact on our lives is tremendous! Thank you, my friend!

Kim said...

...and I forgot to mention the painting of the three girls. I can see why your ex-mother-in-law loved it. I am glad you have it returned to you is fabulous, really quite fabulous. It is wonderful to know it will remain in your family now.

You are a beautiful artist, Suki!

Cris in Oregon said...

wow.. I love the painting. I am a detail person but your paintings are so dreamy like... they draw me to them and they sooth me to look at them. You want to know what those girls are looking at. what story is going on. it leaves much to the imagination. Like a good book. I would have asked for it back too. :)
The more of YOU in that Studio the more HOMEY it will seem and make you want to be in there. Depending on how long you are there you will keep making it more YOU and feel better. Great post Suki. I will have to go back over it again a few times. :) Con is the same tho..When it gets cold out he has a hard time going into the garage to work on something. He needs heat out there. In summer you cant get him out of there.

human being said...

oh Suki, we should thank you for that marvelous interview... unforgettable...

and all these you share here are so lovely... i especially loved the painting... very impressive... and nostalgic...
i'm so happy you could bring along some of the things you needed and loved... now you feel more 'at home'.

sukipoet said...

Kim it's true, one great thing about the studio is the space. Now that I am taking over more of it, I do like it better. There is just one section still hung with greasy tools and cluttered with two table saw things from Dad. I will tackle those at another time as i am also clearing out the garage area where the folks has stashed a lot of stuff that should be bound for the dump.

I also changed the curtains in my room from a flowery print mom chose to plain cream. Along with the rug, actually two rugs, the bedspread and pillow and paintings it shouts ME!

Cris it is true I dont go into lots of details in my paintings, never have. More the shapes and colors I guess and just representing people in this way. Flat you might say. I think this might be my best painting. Although one always hopes to top ones best someday.

human being, thanks for your reflections, as always so thoughtful. Hmmm, home. So does that mean I had best change my drivers registration to NH. I've been here 8 months. Yikes.

Cestandrea said...

Thanks so much Suki, for trying with the poppies:) Andrea

Britt-Arnhild said...

Welcome back.

Looks like you are settling in with alot of new inspiration.

sukipoet said...

Andrea I am just about to download the photos of poppies into my computer and we'll see how they came out.

Britt-arnhild, i did return refreshed and inspired.

Forever Young said...

how interesting this all is, i love the carpet and the painting...i could live with that easily too.

Lynn said...

Fun seeing all you brought back, all you did while there, tell mom her quilt is wonderfully done, lovely to see it used so long. Your saved painting of the children seems to go well with your more recent one of mother and child...Enjoy your newly refurbished studio and room.
The birds are wonderful as are all your flower photos. I do love the red orange poppies.

Anonymous said...

Your wonderful interview is posted, you're settling in, inspiration is all around you. Can't wait to see your next creative project, collage or painting.

Mim said...

Oh Suki - that painting is wonderful, Cris is right - it's dreamy. And Poppy - those are dreamy also. And that quilt! Mom was quite the quilter - that's a treasure.

sukipoet said...

Forever Young, the carpet (I actually brought back and put down two small carpets) and painting changed the room miraculously. It's a pretty sweet room now.

Lynn a lot of my paintings depict mother and child images. I was really hung up on them for awhile and guess I am still attracted to them. I brought back a cache of old photos purchased in a thrift store of mom and kids from the 30's and feel I want to incorporate them into some paintings.

thanks Chewy. I returned with some collage materials and old photos and have been playing with those for some wax collages. But the two paintings I left unfinished or three really are calling me too.

Thanks Mim. Mom only made that one quilt I think but in the storage unit I have a whole trunk full of family made quilts. I was named after my great-grandma Susan and have a wonderful photo of her quilting when blind at age 92 and I am in the picture too. Treasures.

Patti said...

Slowly catching up with your posts Suki. Beautiful rug much better than brown carpet!

Your painting is so harmonious - great that you can spend some time with it.

marianne said...

Lovely post and pictures.
Love the painting Suki! A real Suki. Nostalgic and well balanced. Glad you have it back.
The rug is beautiful also!

sukipoet said...

Patti, yes actually I brought two rugs which together cover most of the brown. Much more me.

Marianne, it is nice to be able to see my old painting. Evidence of the me that was.