Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday's Wildflower Walk

Friday morning I walked the circle, down the dirt roads to the "highway" and back on the paved road. I hadn't walked in awhile. The entire landscape was blooming. Most of these I don't know what they are. Notice the bee.


Black-eyed Susan

Huge leaves. My hand is there for size comparison. Burdock?

Oops. Where did she come from? Cat's ear I think.

Milkweed. Smells divine.

The corn is as high as a little dog's ear.

These too smelled lovely.

Might be bindweed. At any rate it is a vine that tangles around other plants.

Mullein. I love this plant. I collect the leaves, dry them and then crumple them. In the winter I place the crumpled leaves in a bowl and light them when I start getting a stuffy nose. They often clear it right up.


Cestandrea said...

Hi Suki, these are wonderful, I love the green and all the rich looks of the plants and flowers you are showing us here.
I just wanted to say that I hope your rainmood has get better and that needed a pause in posting and computering, but at the same time I miss the communication with you and my blogfriends, isn't that weird? I guess it is this thing about our virtual friendships, sometimes we just need the real thing and would love to actually see the people and talk to them with the real mouth and have coffee with them and laugh together and we just can't do it. Hmmm. That is the one little frustrating thing about it.
So, just wanted to send you my love and say be well there, take care, enjoy the summer even if it rains (I know you love heat:) and thanks for all the bits of your life you share with us every day,
a big hug from Paris

Cestandrea said...

PS: That should read: "..that I needed a pause in posting and computering...:)

human being said...

as i walk
my eyes pick flowers
and my hands smell them
my heart remembers
the one
once i kissed
in a dream
and never picked...

Suki, these are splendid and i love the way you write about them...
as i was watching and reading... this came to my fingers!

marianne said...

Wonderful photo's!
everything so fresh after the rain.
As a child I loved bindweed. thought the flowers were su cute, now I'm not so happy with them in my garden. Today we have rain her too, but good weather is on its way.
I love your rings Suki! Nice turkoois!

Mim said...

Thanks for the nature walk - just what I needed.

sukipoet said...

Oh Andrea, what you say is so true and so dear. Yes, it would be lovely to see each other and "talk with the real mouth." I love the way you say that. And true too sometimes one needs a respite from the computer and machines and virtual reality. I am feeling chirpier today. The sun seems to shine from 6pm till dark each night. The farmers market was fun and I ate strawberry shortcake. Yum. And today, though foggy, is the rock swap. Hope you have a great people full weekend in Paris. A big hug from New Hampshire, Suki

Human Being you are amazing. Poems just coming out the fingers. I love this poem. "the one once I kissed in a dream and never picked." Brilliant and evocative. There is always that one....thank you.

Marianne, course this bindweed was on the roadside. Don't think I'd like it in the garden either. Mom gave me that big turquoise ring. She loves jewelry.

Mim, thanks for stopping by. I was surprised by all the blooming flowers on the walk. Even more than i showed.

sukipoet said...
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Kim said...

Suki! You are amazing! I don't know plants at all, but I am very interested in Mullin. What a great thing to do to clear your nose.

I love these plants you share here...although I know nothing about them. When we go to Montana, I always collect some sage and make some smudge sticks...we burn those sometimes and it makes things feel so I understand about the Mullin...but I want some, now :)

And you know, I am feeling so much like Andrea, right now. Strange how that works.

Sending you thoughts for a wonderfully dry and happy weekend! And thanks for the heads up on on Mullin.

Annie said...

lovely photos. I am terrible with the names of flowers and plants!

Cris in Oregon said...

Lovely photos. I love the one with your hand in it. I love the turqouise ring on your finger. I am doing much better today. I get over things quickly. We have sunshine and heat today and it started early. So we were out in the yard and taking a walk early. Then we took off to town and not far from us saw two big garage sales just opened so we stopped and found some goodies. then off to town and went to the Farmers Market. It was fun and combined with yesterdays art festival it cheered me up big time.

Honour said...

Ah Suki - how lush it is. I know you're not much further south than me ... but it looks like a different world. I've never seen the milkweed before - lovely! Today our sun is finally coming out and encouraging my flowers to finally bloom ... (they've been hoarding their petals in the cool winds)

Cris in Oregon said...

PA..Hope your having fun at your Rock Swap. Did you have far to go?

Forever Young said...

what a lovely collection of pics, has that cat really got such a pink nose?

sukipoet said...

Hi Kim, thanks for stopping by especially as you wish to have a blogging vacation. Or a vacation from blogging. I had to look some of those plants up in a guidebook Kim, although I knew a few. Mom has an ID book for "weeds."

Annie, I am not that good either, but I use guidebooks when uncertain. also with weeds I've gotten better since taking some herbal healing classes.

Cris, it does sound like you've had a couple of fun days. Everything you did sounded fun. The rock swap was about 1/2 hours drive. I ran into someone I knew from Cape Cod who was up buying rocks for her Stone Store. That was so funny. I too stopped at some yards sales and also a library book sale so I had fun. A grey day but the rain held off till this afternoon.

Honor, sometimes even a short distance south can make such a difference. I know Massachusetts blooms sooner than up here and it's not that far away.

FY I think Emily has a birthmark or something on her nose. It is actually much more visible in a photo than for real.


Hi Suki,,,I've been AWOL too long, and have just read all your posts.Loved taking the walk with you, and seeing all the things that grow in your world.
Emily looks EXACTLY like my Callie,,,other than Callie's nose is all black. Calicos are so beautiful,,,just like they've been painted in 'patches'.
Also loved seeing your dolls, and collages,,,and the quaint buildings. Your blog is always a real treat,,,thanks!

sukipoet said...

Hi babs. It does seem harder to work at the computer when it is summer. I just want to be outside, when it's not raining that is. Emily is just so gorgeous. I loved her the minute I saw her. Those patches of colors. And she is a dear. thanks for stopping by. Paint happy. Suki

m. heart said...

great use for mullein, which i have lots of! i think you can also soak parts of it in oil and make drops for earaches (?) but thankfully i never have earaches and haven't known what else to do with it!