Thursday, May 01, 2008

Major Indulgence

Finally I placed my Dick Blick art supply order.

A gallon of Matte Medium? What was I thinking? And some gesso that leaked over a number of items.

Lemon yellow, Titanium white, and cerulean blue oil paint.

Five new brushes. Mine are all very, very old and most have been used for both oils and acrylics.

Two large sheets of heavy Thai double sided paper that is wonderful for wall hangings. I had a hard time stopping at two colors. I love this stuff.

A bunch of stretchers, two of which came broken.


An adapter for my Rotring pen so I can fill it with waterproof ink. Kim told me about this conversion device.

An easy way to make cards without having to order card stock and envelopes separately though I have done that in the past. This paper is fairly nice light weight watercolor paper. And now that I no longer glue the collage onto the card stock, it works well. Now I either use double sided tape or wire.

Golden Zinc Oxide paint as Kim has written about on her blog. This got a lot of the gesso spill covering the directions and warnings. But it didn't affect the paint.
Ho kay. Now to roll up my sleeves and get busy.


Mary Richmond said...

ooh! fun! i hope you let them know about the gesso spill and broken stretchers! that's annoying....but i bet someone's going to have fun with all her new toys!!!

sukipoet said...

thanks Mary. I hope so. Be well, Suki

Kim said...

Ohhhh Suki!

I feel as though I am with you there exploring all these fun treasures! Thank you so much!

Now, I am so excited to see what you do with it all once you get the spill and the break worked out. And do let me know your thoughts on the refillable cartridge and the iron oxide paint.

This is so exciting...really!


Kim said...

Suki, when you get a chance, talk a little about the Thai paper, too. I am interested in that you use it and how it is to work with,etc.

sukipoet said...

Thanks Kim, I am already using the refillable cartridge and love it but havent tested out the ink yet to be sure it doesnt blur with addition of watercolors.

I painted the iron oxide onto a part of the kimono and am not sure if it's not too dark for that piece. But i can sand it a little and see what happens.

The thai paper I have only used as a back paper for wallhangings. I use the sheet whole, then attach a piece of wood and string to the back to hang it by. Then to the front I attach either a monoprint (in the past) or a collage or whatever and then i have a sort of Japanese style wallhanging that remains unframed. It works well as the Thai paper is sturdy. I have never torn the Thai paper up though and used it in a collage, so am not sure how it works there. It is thick and for collaging I tend to like thin papers.

If i were still papermaking, I'd make my own handmade paper background sheets, but havent' done that for awhile. Thanks for asking KIm.

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh how fun. It's exciting to get new supplies. But I sure would let the company know about the broken and spilt. They should make it good for you. Things cost enough as it is.
I just got me come cerulean blue paint. That stuff has gotten VERY expensive. Good thing I had a 50% off coupon for Micheals so that helped big time. I too need some brushes. I need to place a Dick Blick order too. :)

Patti said...

I can't think of anything better than opening boxes and boxes of art supplies! Have fun playing with it all!

katie jane said...

Wow, it's Christmas at your house! How fun. I agree, have fun playing.

Lynn said...

how exciting to get all these supplies in the mail at once. I do hope the replace the broken parts and that maybe a reduced price for spilt product too.
I await seeing the wonderful art that comes forth from you using it all.
I just have to tell you AGAIN how lovely my Housekeepers Shield/Ark of The Covenant looks on my wall in my living room Suki! (Several other Jewish bloggers and friends saw what I saw in it too...interesting?)

sukipoet said...

Thanks Cris. Well let me say that lemon yellow is pretty expensive too. And hard to find. I hope i can live up to the expectations new art supplies provide.

Lynn, I am so touched about the collage. Well, feel free to rename it if you wish. A name that reflects what you see in it.

Patti, thanks. I am sure I will have fun. I have to keep reminding myself this is just a painting, it doesnt have to be perfect.

Katie Jane, thanks for your good wishes.

Kim said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me all of your knowledge about the Thai paper. I really appreciate it and am eager to give it a try myself.

You can add mediums to that iron oxide, thin it out a bit. Think of how you might use regular acrylic paint...this you can handle the same and still get that great texture.

I am eager to see all of these lovely pieces you make!

Thanks Suki!

Forever Young said...

i love art shops, although i don't know what half the stuff is or what to do with it...but i will learn - and it is one of my big projects for when i retire one day...sigh...

sukipoet said...

Something fun to look forward to FT. But you do some fun artistic things now too. Be well, Suki