Thursday, May 15, 2008

Farm Name Part Two

Thank you everyone for your wonderful ideas for naming the farm. Here is the list:

Claudia: Secret Pond Farm, Woodland Pond Farm, Woodland Fields Farm, Enchanted Pond Farm, Blue Note Farm

Honor: Ladybug Lot, Dragonfly Field, Artist's Acres, Hummingbird Hill

Chewy: Reflecting Pond Farm, Circle of Life Farm, Reflecting Nature Farm, Mirror Pond Farm, Reflective Acres

Kim: is partial to "pond" names. Also reflective

Patti: Dragonfly Haven

Lynn: Peaceful Pond, Serentity Farm

Cris: Shadow Pond

Elizabeth: Pond Farm

Britt-Arnhild: Bluebell Pond

Human Being: Ladybug Pond Farm, Pacific Pond Property

Mim: Dragonfly Heaven, Blue Dragonfly Pond

Forever Young: Pond Farm, My Pond

My brother says years ago we thought of: Fayerweather Farm. Fayerweather is a family name.

Hope I haven't overlooked anyone. So many wonderful ideas. I've been sort of paralyzed not knowing what to choose. I started thinking of giving everything names. The spring/well, the pond, the farm and even the house. As in Monk's House (Virginia Woolf) or Charleston (Vanessa Bell). Here are the three that currently strike me.

Woodland Pond Farm

Dragonfly Pond Farm

Fayerweather Farm (in deference to the past) If this is the farm name chosen I'll also name the pond separately.

I've set up a poll in my sidebar so you can vote for your favorite. The poll ends May 20th at 10am. I want to connect a prize somehow to this, but can't think of a way. There would be no ONE person to win would there? If anyone can think of a way to have a prize for the winning name let me know. Ok, thanks. Suki


Cris in Oregon said...

Wow thats a lot of names you have gathered. So many choices. This will be fun. But I am going to have to ponder it. :)
The prize will be for the Farm. A nice new name. :)
Will you make a sign?

sukipoet said...

Cris, see the voting pole in my sidebar for the three names in the running. I have narrowed it down for you. ;)

Kim said...

Hi Suki,

I have voted as it seemed clear to me the right one, but I only see it as your place! Dragonfly Pond Farm seems so right, as you are like a Dragonfly in a way the way you are so busy with your fingers dipped in many projects. So there you go!

But you know what? I really like the idea of you giving various places on the farm names, as well. That sounds very appealing to me.

I am eager to see how all of this plays out.

I am kind of lost if you are wanting to do a little award. I suppose you could do a drawing of people who participated in your little quest...Mr Turtle could help with the choosing. Or you could just ask Mr. Turtle what he thinks. :)

This is interesting, Suki! Thanks!

Forever Young said...

the prize is our pleasure at being included.

Anonymous said...

oh... my vote is in.

Cris in Oregon said...

My vote is in too.
Are you naming the pond or the Farm?
I voted for the ponds name.

sukipoet said...

Kim, that's so funny. Mr Turtle gets to say. If only he werent so shy.

Thanks for voting. That's an interesting observation that I am like a dragonfly. It is true, I do flit about from one thing to another. and I have pretty cool wings too.

Thanks forever young. I'm so happy doing this all collaboratively. It's fun.

Chewy, thanks for voting.

Cris, the first thing is to name the farm. Then, if the final name doesn't have "Pond" in it, I'll name the pond too. But if the final name is "Woodland Pond Farm" for example, then the pond would be named woodland pond. But then I could name the spring where the well is with one of the other ideas. Probably confusing the way I delineate it all. I want the place to seem grounded and enchanted too. I drove around today looking at the way people did signs on their farms etc. I saw one place called "Moon Hollow" with the words painted on a metal circle. Intersting.


Hi Suki,,,I love the idea of the family name,,,,it also is kind of a play on words: Fayerweather Farm/
Fairweather farm.

But then I can be really silly about naming things myself!
I'd probably name the pond separately, as: Dragonfly Pond.

sukipoet said...

Thanks Babs. Yes, I like using the family name too and the double meaning. Dragonfly pond sounds so neat. After all this of course I must present the final choices to my Mom and brother and see what they say one way or the other.

katie jane said...

I think Fayerweather Farm is an excellent name. Go for it.

Patti said...

Me too - especially if farms stay in the one family it sort of grounds it all. Fayerweather is a very positive sounding name too.

Naming the pond separately with a 'dragonfly' name would maybe be good too.

Can't wait to see your sign. This is all so exciting for you. A sense of place.

sukipoet said...

Thanks for voting Katie Jane.

Patti, that is true. I feel more grounded and have a sense of belonging for the present moment. Hmm. Maybe now I should move my "stuff" up here.

human being said...

i voted too, Suki.
reading this post and the comments and voting was much fun...
loved it...

Honour said...

Ah I voted, but no one else voted for my choice !! (I picked Woodland Pond Farm as it sounds so other-worldly). Your prize could be a picture of the farm :)

sukipoet said...

Human Being, thanks for stopping by and voting. The poll dohickey is kinda fun.

Honor, oh that was you who voted for Woodland Pond. It sounds kinda other worldly to me too. And there sure are lots of woods around here. Good idea about the prize the only thing is there might be lots of prize winners. Maybe you mean a photo? Plus I won't really know who voted for what unless they tell me in the comments section. Maybe a prize works better in person? I mean if everyone were gathered in person to vote.

Honour said...

Oh yes, I meant a photo - sorry. You could give a prize to whoever suggested the name! (OR to everyone who participated - a free download!) ... it is a bit more complicated online, indeed