Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One thing and the other

Some of you may recall this patchwork paper kimono I made last fall. All winter it hung on the wall via clothespins, waiting to be finished. Yesterday I thought to add the squares of canvas I had decorated a few weeks ago.

I like this idea, however the colors on the canvas are too similar to the color of the kimono.

I could use this purple velvet as a center piece and sew the canvas on to it for color contrast. Or, I could just paint and decorate another piece of canvas in a contrasting color. I don't know. At least I am getting ideas about finishing it though. I was blank for so long. Ideas welcome.

Last spring I also stapled this piece of canvas to my wall intending to paint the cloth to cut out as a kimono shape later. I haven't gotten very far with the painting either. It awaits my attention.


Cestandrea said...

Oh Suki, I loooove the canvas pieces on the kimono as they are!!! I love that they are in the colours of the kimono, it makes it a piece so "whole". And the eye is still drawn to the canvases, without needing contrast (but that is only my opinion, if you feel like adding, it sure will come out fine too). I just love this piece and think that it is perfect like this!!!
A beauty, could be a cloth of an ancient asian emperor,

Cris in Oregon said...

I too like it as is. It looks Rich like that. Very impressive. I agree with Andrea.

sukipoet said...

OK. Well, maybe I'll leave it the colors I have. I'll contemplate it some more. Thanks. I just ordered some of the zink oxide paint Kim used on her blog. Maybe that would work instead of the plain silver paint to create the larger square. I'll see. Thanks a lot Andrea and Cris for your perspectives and enthusiasm

human being said...

sure i recall it... i loved it so much...
think the purple velvet patch is a good idea...
looking forward to seeing it completed.