Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Delicious treats

Here is the yellow, though it came out orange in the photo, lozenge of beeswax made by a local beekeeper. I bought it Saturday at a craft fair. I hope to use it on some fake encaustic canvases. Fake because I don't use paint or color. I make a collage and use the melted wax for glue and surface effect. Sometimes I melt some crayon wax for a spot of color.

I purchased this blank card and bookmark too. I forget what they call the cutouts like this. A long "S" word I think. I could never do it. Small motor skills. This is not a print, it is the actual cutout on the card which she sold for $3. "I'm just a beginner," she said. Whew. Pretty good for a beginner.

A rummage sale was going on at a local church too. I got this Dover book of stars, planets etc. on sheets of vellum. I'll use it for something or other. I love the way the pictures show through the vellum.

I also picked up this little book of 50 free form embroidery stitches. I have one in my storage unit but that is a 5 hour drive away. The way you paid at this rummage sale was by donation. Pay whatever you feel it's worth or you want to. This was a new idea, I thought. I got about 5 books for $2.00

All except the greeting card I hope will inspire me re: new projects. No wonder I never get anything finished. I'm making a kimono, doing four oil paintings, have started a new board book, am painting a slate for my mom's outside door, and now I'm thinking of sewing embroidery stitches and doing wax collages??? Really I wish I had my bookbinding kit here, some difficult and rote bookbinding would slow me down and focus me. On the other hand..........


Patti said...

I know what you mean Suki about having lots of projects going at once. Though i'd rather have too much inspiration than not enough!

marianne said...

:) Maybe one day you will finish a lot at the same day........
yes I have often wondered how you do that working on so many things at the same time........I admire your ability to use so many different techniques! Your talent has no limits.
Greetings! Take care!

Mim said...

I love rummage sales and garage sales and jumbled up "antique" stores, could spend a whole day going from one to the other. And lot's of projects at the same time? Thats me also, but I figure it keeps me on my toes!

sukipoet said...

Patti, yes I guess too much inspiration is better than none. I just have to have faith that I will continue on with these things until they are done. Maybe being a writer for so many years has made me feel pretty okay not getting instant gratification.

Marianne, thanks so much. I think i get bored with one media so move on to another to keep myself hopping. When i look back on my life I see that I have lived all aspects of my life like that, a hoppy toad.

Oh gosh, do I love thrift shopping, Mim. On Cape Cod, where i lived for 30 years, they have incredible thrift shops. I got all my clothes there. Up here, I wouldn't buy the raggedy clothes I've so far found in the thrift or rummage sales. But you can find other good stuff.

Mary Richmond said...

wow! how much fun did you have??? and how much fun you will now have!!! can't believe she sold that paper cutting for $3!!!

lucky you!

Lynn said...

Catching up here, seems I do not have the time to meander daily as I once did hanging out in others blogs or to blog as often either. So I find you have been incrediably busy and productive:
From Cranky to beautiful walks in nature that soothe the soul it seems, wonderful books and sales, great photos. And purchases of others art, isn't that fun? I know I love mine. Hugs to you and mom...you be the role model now with the positive thinking and talk...maybe she'll pick it up, who knows miracles do happen! I know! ;-)

Kim said...

Suki, I think you should follow just where your muse takes you. This is really great!

I also love, love, love vellum. It is probably because that was the paper of choice way back when....nice to do ink work on! You can get such great detail and it will go through a blueprint machine nicely. Never mind any of that...it is great and I am eager to see what you do with it.

You like bookbinding? Do you visit Elis Cooke's blog? She does some really fun bookbinding.

I am always looking forward to what you get into next, Suki! You are an inspiration yourself! :)

Cris in Oregon said...

Ah projects. I find if I leave them undone I cant do anything else. It would be better if I did have two or three paintings going so that when I am waiting the drying time I can work on something else. Fun stuff you found for next to nothing.

Britt-Arnhild said...

I really love to follow all the great, creative art you are making and planning.

Natalya said...

oh i haven't been to a rummage sale in a while... hmm... might be dangerous for me. looking forward to seeing what you create with these new finds and i looove the picture at the top of your blog.. beautiful!

Forever Young said...

my goodness you certainly have been busy, hope this stimulates you like crazy, and that we will see all the results.

BBC said...

You people have to stop being a bunch of pussies and start being bigger than life. Just saying.

Cestandrea said...

Hi Suki, great projects you have going. I find it re-assuring to have more than one thing going on at a time, and have lots. Ok, there is the worry when will I finish them but they will be finished eventually, so thats ok.
Love the things you show us here, thanks for sharing.

sukipoet said...

Mary, yes, I imagine the paper cutting woman will soon start charging more. She charged more for things she had framed, but probably not enough considering the time it must take to do that work.

Lynn thanks for the hugs and suggestion of being a role model for mom. She has changed some under my influence in recent years actually. Neither of my parents ever hugged me or said "I love you." So a few yrs back I began doing that to them. When I hugged them they sat stiff and unyielding. But eventually they began saying "I love you" and now with Mom at least we hug and she offered pats on my back etc. So I know I make some effect.

Kim. Thanks for the tip on Elis Cooke blog and website which I had not looked at before. Wow, those book covers are gorgeous and all her work is original and beautiful. I am a kind of mundane bookbinder but it is soothing somehow.

Cris, that's why I am doing several paintings at once, so I have something to work on while one dries. Also then I use the same colors on several. IE: mix a brown say and see places on two paintings where it can be used.

Britt-Arnhild, thanks for stopping by. Hopefully soon I'll have a finished piece to show.

Natalya, I used to live in a rather large house and had plenty of space for thrift store finds. I had a huge collection of vintage clothes for example collected thru the years.But now I don't have that space. Maybe I will again.

hello FY Thanks for stopping by. I am keeping so busy to avoid thinking I think. To keep myself in the present moment.

Hey BBC. Good to hear from you. Hope you are enjoying spring up there wherever you are!

Thanks Andrea. I guess there is an element of trust involved in having a number of things in process. Trust that they will get finished when the time is right. As i said somewhere else, having been a writer of long works for so long, i am used to delayed conclusions and long processing times.

Be well All, hugs, Suki