Thursday, April 24, 2008

Defining shapes and changing the sky

A second layer of paint to define the shapes and colors. These houses remind me of the little wooden houses people collect and set on shelves.

I finally arrived at the idea, brilliant, of making the sky blue. It had been a yellow/green at first, then a pinkish like the road. But the blue I think works to catch the blue of the house and pond. I also glazed the entire painting with some light brown color I mixed up. To try to give unity.That was before I did the sky blue though, so will glaze the sky too when it dries. I think this one is nearing completion.


Lynn said...

They remind me of miners homes you know those little townlets owned by the Company?
I like what you have done with the colors too.

And Suki, when ever I open your blog and find a new photograph in the banner I just sigh with joy at the beauty of the picture. Wow! This one is no exception.

Lynn said...

And, I am now the proud owner of an original Suki collage: Housekeepers Shield. It arrived from New Zealand this week!
Beautiful! Needs a frame now.
Happy to have this beautiful piece.

Kim said...


I really like this painting. The simplicity is outstanding and the colors are really wonderful! I think I agree they do look like those little decorative houses....but in a much better way. These have a lot more depth to them.

Thanks Suki!

sukipoet said...

Lynn, the town in Norway used to be a mining town actually. Glad you like the photo. Hope you like the Housekeepers Shield as well in person as in the picture. See the words from the dictionary in the upper left I think? Housekeeper. That's where I got the title. Thank you so much for wanting a piece of my art/craft.

Kim, thank you for commenting. Part of what I'm doing is just familiarizing myself with paint and medium. This canvas is larger than the other's I've been doing and I think I do best with largish canvases rather than small.

Cestandrea said...

Suki, I love these paintings, the way you composed with squares and larger shapes, and your colours always cheer me up!:)

Anonymous said...

I like your use of simple shapes and minimal color palette. Some of Milton Avery's paintings popped into my head as I viewed these.

What size are they?

Claudia said...

Hello Sukipoet,
I like your painting of the houses in Roros very much. I think you have chosen wonderful colours ! And I like how the houses appear almost archaic!

Cris in Oregon said...

These are absolutely beautiful. You have a lovely style of painting. Such a soothing style and colors. Thanks for sharing.
Love the banner too.

sukipoet said...

thanks Andrea. Yes, am getting into those shapes. They seem so orderly.

Chewy, thanks for stopping by. I love Milton Avery. The Roros painting is about 26" by 22" I think, the other one with the barn and two houses is smaller, maybe 20 by 18 inches.

Thanks Claudia. I just love those Norwegian pictures Britt-arnhild shares with us. I know they have inspired you too.

thanks Cris. All these encouraging comments make me want to keep trying.

Showed the Roros to my ex-husband today, an artist. "Has Possibilities" he said. Humph. That's me in my head.

Honour said...

Suki - I like the second painting that you posted ... the red, the red! it calls me. very nice :) and, i too, love the new banner!

human being said...

nice works... my heart especially goes in for the second one... it is as if the houses are talking to each other...
'Dialog', i'd like to call it...

Lynn said...

Thanks for telling me that was a mining town! I saw that in the houses close together like that. From a John Sayles movie perhaps.
Or a John Steinbeck story?

Suki, Today I framed and hung Housekeepers Shield and I blogged it too. It looks so terrific in our house. Thanks again to you the artist. My husband likes it too.

sukipoet said...

Thanks HOnor. I seem to be using a lot of red lately.

Lynn I saw your post with my housekeeper's shield. So exciting that it is in your house after it's world travels. Thank you so much.

HB I like that. Houses talking to each other. Fun.