Monday, March 03, 2008

All things that bloom must someday fade


Cris in Oregon said...

Ah.. but it was so beautiful when it was blooming and the antispation was part of the fun. Wont that bulb bloom again next year? You should have a couple Zonal Geraniums in the house in the winter there. They bloom so well in side by a window and it is so nice seeing flowers in winter. Thats what I have in my sunroom blooming.

Cris in Oregon said...

PS At least you took pictures of. You should print one out and put it on the Fridge to look at till the flowers outside start coming up. :)

Cestandrea said...

Even faded they are beautiful. Each state of her being was/is beautiful. Ahhh, if only we could see this in ourself!
Have a nice day

Lynn said...

Suki these are so pretty. And the natural passing of them is okay too. Today I took spent daffodils a client had brought to my office a week ago and just moved the vase off the table in the sitting area. I wasn't ready to throw them out. I wondered if somehow they could become part of a collage? Pressed perhaps? So pretty even in death.

May I have a copy of the middle full bloom photo? I'd like to try it as a applique with your permission.

human being said...

Mmmm .... a philosophical title.
All friends here are right: they are beautiful even in death.

In the womb of death,
there lives
the fetus
a new fate.

Elizabeth said...

Amazing amyrillis.
Yes, so sad they don't last forever - but just think how awful artificial flowers are...........
think of all those Dutch still lives with candles burning out and skulls etc.

Annie said...

But you have the promise that the flower will return after the plant has had a nice long rest.

Mary Richmond said...

always so sad to see them go....I have one in bloom right now and I know it, too, is starting to fade....they're so beautiful while they last, though!