Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Worked on the hands. Much better although I think the body proportions are off. I should have painted her up further on the canvas.
Added door and changed road color a bit. Door is not rightly proportioned either and makes the painting look cutsie I think, yet not sure I want to fiddle with this anymore.
Gessoing three new canvases. They need at least one more coat and then i may break open the oils. The new jar of gesso I bought locally has lumps in it. I have never had gesso with lumps.

Freezing rain here today. Possibly more snow later. Hmm, what a surprise.


Mary Richmond said...

I really like the way these are coming along. Keep painting!

human being said...

Beautiful works.
When we are slow we see more... we enjoy more.

Cestandrea said...

Suki, I like the woman's proportions, she's petite. I love this painting.
The limpy gesso: what a bummer (got that word from Cris who uses it often:)
Have a good day painting

Cris in Oregon said...

I do? use that alot.. how funny Andrea. Yes they are looking good. AS for the hands.. nicely done. If you want to get proportions use calipers. I think thats what they are called. They have two points and they move in width. you measure something on your photo or view and use it to measure other parts and then do that on the bigger one. only in a bigger size. It helps you know if arm is in proportion to head or hand..etc. I use them alot. Sort of like holding up a pencil and measureing at arm length. :) Looking good here Suki. oh how many coats of gesso do you use? Is that limpy or lumpy gesso. maybe you should have taken it back.

sukipoet said...

The lumps in the gesso dissolve after a bit of stirring. Bummer, so 60's.

thanks for the encouragement Mary. I am having fun but get bored as I near the end of a painting.

Thanks for the tip on calipers Cris. Another thing would be to take a life drawing class which I think there might be one in the spring. I am putting three coats of gesso this time. I like it somewhat smooth. But actually could prob. do more coats but am impatient. In the summer I can just put the wet gessoed canvas outdoors and it dries quickly but now it takes overnight or at least I give it overnight.

Natalya said...

these paintings are lovely, I really like the barn... would love to see more! and thank you for your kind comments on my blog...

Lynn said...

I love the hands and I love the barn. (like my painting only better...LOL ;-) I am learning from the pros here.
New canvases a promise of more wonderful art brewing inside of you waiting to come out.