Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Studio

I repositioned Dad's workbench to create more floorspace. This works well. Now the light is better situated over my table too. In the spring, if I'm still living here, I will paint the pressboard walls white.
Nice square floorspace cleared out by moving table. Oops, sorry, haven't vacuumed.
Rocking chair for contemplating and thinking.
Laughing Buddha. Photo to his left is the one of me 35 years ago from which I am making the corn woman painting. The book titled "How to Draw" is very old paperback picked up at a book sale. "Art Heals" a nice title but the book is somewhat tedious.
Far side of the room still crowded with Dad's saws and a large shelving unit packed with Dad's tools and stuff. If cleared out, I would have much more space. This side of the room is dark as I haven't yet gotten to Home Depot to buy another light fixture. I have decided, thanks to a blogger's advice, to get Ott fluorescent bulbs for the new light fixture and the old. They are supposed to imitate daylight. The folding chair is for yoga. The radio is very old yet picks up stations beautifully. I do have one sawhorse and board table on this side which takes up the entire almost floorspace.


human being said...

Full of life and creativity... Loved that pressboard wall with a lot of things on it -- your works and various cards and photos.

Cestandrea said...

Hi Suki, so nice to see where you work, thanks for showing us. I love the laughing Buddha, and the books behing him and all your works everywhere. Lots of space, and a chair for yoga!
Have a good day

Cestandrea said...

PS the Buddha looks like a poached egg, I have one, very tiny, of wood who also looks as if he overflows:)

Cris in Oregon said...

This is a nice cozy room Suki. Yes that pressed wood wall will paint up nicely. might need a couple coats but it will look nice.
thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

You've done a great job on your studio since you got there Suki. Lots of space to spread out. Lucky you. Enjoy it.
How does one do Yoga on a chair?

sukipoet said...

there are many yoga poses to do on a chair. Svaroopa yoga has a few but I think there is a whole bevy of them.

One thing to do is sit on the chair(a good firm kitchen chair or metal folding chair), place elbows on knees, relax lower arm and hands down where they fall, look down at yr lap and sit awhile. This opens the tailbone area. Course a picture would say much more than all these words.