Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Power of Yoga

Yesterday I got up on the wrong side of the bed. The cats woke me at daybreak, hungry and meowing to be fed.
Even though I turned on the heat in my studio very early, it was so cold outside the stuido was still cold at 10am when I wanted to work. Sometimes I work anyway, but yesterday was a sunny day and I didn't want to be both cold and sun-less so I left.

I lay in the living room window which faces south and read, basking in the sun. Yet within, I was crabby, pouty, a spoiled-little-princess. I tried to take a walk down the hill but the long, long driveway was a sheet of ice. Usually the road is clear but yesterday it too was a sheet of ice. I had to walk in mincing, teeny steps. I gave up and returned home.

Finally, around 2pm I threw myself down on my yoga blankets and began to practice. I practiced for an hour. When I got up, everything had changed. My mood had lightened. For me, the main blessing of yoga is that it changes my mind and my emotions. There is a physical benefit too which is probably what most people think of with yoga. But for me, practicing never fails to cheer me up.

I set to making an eggplant casserole for dinner. Mom loved it. Well, me too.

I remembered I had bought, but never used, these removable orange cleats you can put on your boots so you won't slip. So I put them on and tried my walk for a second time. Hurrah. I did not slip once. Fearless, I walked with a normal stride. The fresh air filled my lungs. I chatted with an elderly woman out getting her mail. I returned home invigorated.

I received two DVD's in the mail from Netflix so, after watching "Antiques Roadshow" (the only TV show besides "Jeopardy" that I watch), I watched a movie. Considering how miserable I was in the morning, it seems a miracle that the day ended with so many pleasures. And that miracle was YOGA.


Mary Richmond said...

Amazing what a little 'adjustment' can do for us, isn't it? So glad you have your yoga. I am just a beginner but can see its benefits already. Like the new look of your blog, by the way, though I have to admit it totally took me by surprise when I logged on this morning. You go, girl!

Cris in Oregon said...

Glad it helped you feel better. Nothing like being out of sorts. I know when I get my back adjusted I go around feeling so much better. So you did it with Yoga. Theres a chiropractor up here that gives adjustments and teaches Yoga.

Lynn said...

Great story telling Suki, Glad Yoga saved the day! Cool things to put on your shoes too. Must find some at this huge store that carries everything of that ilk in MN next winter if we visit again. Fleet Farm, I remembered the name of the store!

human being said...

Beautiful real story teaching lots of things.
I relate to this much... yes, yoga changes our mind.. a new look to the world. That's why you remembered your cleats.

body adjustment, thus mind adjustment..

Cestandrea said...

Dear Suki, thanks for sharing your days with a great story and photographs! In Germany we say: "I got up with the wrong food":) I like that your mood was soothed by yoga and the great air!
If we could always win this battle with ourselves...

sukipoet said...

I got up with the wrong food is something I've never heard before. Interesting. Yes, I know that my mood(and my food) is in my hands. My attitude and so forth but sometimes i weaken and start blaming, people, places and things. Chanting is also good for changing mood and in fact for me a walk often does it, but since the walk appeared impossible at first my mood had darkened even more.

Forever Young said...

i used to do yoga three times a week, but no longer, oh woe is me, how silly am i, should get back to the antique roadshow.

sukipoet said...

Forever YOung, you mentioned your back problems and yoga is great for back. Of course, there are so many approaches to yoga. What I do is highly supported with blankets. Support equals release is a Svaroopa saying. I am not doing full Iyengar or ashtanga yoga which is much more aggressive on the body.