Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth

Today is Elizabeth's special day. May your world be full of joy, laughter and fun today and every day. Lots of love and big hugs....Suki


Cris in Oregon said...

Wow Suki, these photographs are so colorful and happy and I can't get enough of them. Elizabeth your not getting older your just getting better! By now it's the day after there so hope yesterday was terrific.

human being said...

Happy birthday to Elizabeth who I know not but love!
My friend's friends are my friends.

Suki, the pictures you've chosen are marvelous... very delightful.

I read all your answers here, in the afternoon(now here it's 10:15pm) , but couldn't leave a message. Thank you very much.

Thanks also for your version of The Return. Your poem was apparently simple , but very profound indeed. This return is one of the most important returns... you gave me a lot to ponder upon(also I can understand you and your feelings much better).

And about the raven cafe... And a raven in red hat... how lovely ... very nice of you telling me about it... I made lots of happy caw caws!

ANDREA said...

Hi Suki, I join in: happy birthday Elizabeth!

Lynn said...

I feel like the little girls have all been invited to a birthday party for Lizzi. My gift is all wrapped and ready to present to her.
I can't wait for the ice cream and cake.
I wonder what games we shall play?
Pin the tail? Musical chairs?
What do they play in England?
Pour the tea please Ms. Suki.

Let the party begin!

human being said...

Dropped in to say Hi!

Lynn, a very delightful birthday poem.... with that surprise ending. :D

Elizabeth said...

YEAY!!!! Fan-dabby-dosy!!!
Big Cheshire Cat Grin from ear to ear! :-))))
Thank you Suki, how absolutely marvellous!!!! THANK YOU!

I had a super day in the end, although apparently I was a bit grumpy to start with, maybe something to do with reaching the far end of my 30's :-(, but I shall remember what Cris and Lynn say - you are getting better not older.

No birthday so delightful to come over and find one waiting for me... let's have a game of pin the tail on the donkey, followed by pass the parcel and then musical statues ;-)

Love and Hugs, Lizzi

Bad Faery said...

"Big Cheshire Cat Grin from ear to ear!"

There is something very Alice in Wonderland about the cake photo. I think it's the contrast between the colourful cake and that very refined crockery. Delightful!

Lynn said...

Thank you HB for saying I write poetry! Ahhhhhhhh.

And what is pass the parcel? Do we get to take a present away from this party? How fun is that?

Party, party, party!

human being said...

Snow, snow everywhere...
This year's reminds me of a friend who is not here.

Suki I love snow more; just beacuse of you..:D

sukipoet said...

It certainly is fun to have a birthday, even if it's not mine. I love to pour tea and play birthday games as if I were ten.

Glad you had a fun day in the end Elizabeth. Birthdays can also have some stress about them I guess. End of the 30's?? I can barely remember me then. Seems so long ago.

May the year ahead be full of fun, lots of art work, travel and all that you wish for. Hugs, Suki