Friday, December 07, 2007

Just wanted to paint

There is something wonderful about splashing paint around on canvas. Freeing. I began two small canvases about 3 months ago, so I got them out and splashed a little. They are both of the same view so you can see realism and verisimilitude are not what I'm after.
This one seems a little dark. Both need much more work and the colors will change as I go along. I like to "feel" my way intuitively through a painting, rather than have an idea ahead of time and execute it. If I could even do that!
A friend went to France and I took care of her cats. She brought back these ochre pigments from the famed Rouissillon area as a thank you gift. The pigments come from natural clays. I love powder pigments, much nicer than premixed paint though I had never used them before this except for the gold, silver, copper Jaquard pigments. You can make these into watercolors, acrylics or oils depending on what sort of medium you mix them with. Very rich colors.
I also set up my fabulous French easel which my friend A. gave to me. I had painted for years using a chair as an easel so now I have this!!!!!
A large painting I began but didn't finish back in the mid- 1970's. I stuck it in the barn until last month. I may paint over it.


ANDREA said...

Hi Suki, I love both paintings, especially the darker one. And you studio looks really great now with the easel and all.
The pigments are yummy:) - I have got ocres like that too but these look more beautiful in their glass bottles! Have a nice time splashing paint around
Well, when I read you post with the fabulous cheese cake photos it was about 2p.m and I thought that you where up early (6 hours earlier would be 8 in the morning) making this cake in the dark:) and still in your pajamas and posting the photos immediately. It did not occur to my little brain that you could have made the cake the evening before....LOL

Cris in Oregon said...

How fun.. Get in there and paint. Sometimes I feel like doing that but dont and I miss not being spontaneous..Are those acrylics?
I cant wait to see the finished product. I love that easel. I sold a painting for a nice amount a few years ago while still in CA and rewarded myself by going out and buying me my first REAL easel I use now. Makes me feel so professional. lol

Oh isnt that amazing about how the five of us have been married simply? Very interesting.

Lynn said...

More exciting stuff. We use easels like yours in my drawing class!
The paintings are good to my eye.
It will be fun to see what you turn them into with different colors. I loved reading about all your paints too. I just feel as though I have lept myself into a whole new world!

I recalled the other day that we had this framed charchol abstract drawing in our garage that my mother had done. Not sure if she did this in an art class while she was in college (when I was in High School) or later on in another art class...maybe when she was my age now? Interesting to think I am following a family path...I'd completely forgotten about until now. Not sure where this drawing is? Did my daughter take it? Did I sell it in a garage sale? Oy?

Lynn said...

I find the bottom painting enticing. Why paint over it?

Patti said...

It is already Saturday here in Oz - we are a day ahead of you in the US and Canada. Snow is so pretty, maybe we could swap places just for the day!

I like the two top paintings, especially the red road between the soft greenness. I also like the bottom one with its doors - interesting.

Lucky you getting some pigments as a gift - lovely rich colour. I need an easel myself. I have bad neck problems which painting aggravates and I am looking for a table easel. I never thought of using a chair!

sukipoet said...

Patti, I have used a chair for years. But a couple years ago I watched a movie about painters in Provincetown (Cape Cod) in the 30's. There was a painting school. They used chairs for easels!!! Quite funny.

Cris in Oregon said...

I came back to look at your blog posts again and got to looking at the bottom painting you said you started in the 70ies.. I find the colors interesting. In fact I find the painting interesting..Maybe you ought to try and finish it as it is.. or do a mixed media piece. add things to it.. paper or what not. What was it going to be originally or do you remember?

sukipoet said...

Cris thanks for looking at my painting again. This was a painting of doors and windows. Rather formal for me. Mostly I painted people. Or the figure, not portraits really.

I have found both in writing and in painting that it is very hard to go back into an old painting or sstory and redo it. I can revise when I am first painting or writing of course, but years later I just mess things up when I try to do that as the initial impetus has left.

Thanks for your thoughts and for looking twice.