Thursday, November 15, 2007

Query for anyone moved to answer

The current option to heat the studio workshop is a wall mounted propane gas stove. The gas stove people want to hook it up from the propane tank already here (which fuels Mom's gas fake woodstove). To do that they must run a copper pipe from the tank, along the side of the house, over the breezeway door and alongside the workshop. Quite a lot of pipe and a lot of house upon which gas will be flowing.

Does anyone know anything about such a situation? It feels uncomfortable to me, as gas is volatile. The gas place says they do this often. I did a little research on the web however probably am not putting in the right words as have gotten no info.


ANDREA said...

I would feel uncomfortable with the idea of this long gas pipe too! What about a wood-stove, one of those new devices which keeps the heat well? Good look with your research on all this!

jude said...

Why not a second propane tank just outside of your working space/building? We have one for our cook stove. It sits outside the kitchen wall and is just a short pipe in to connect.
Our home is heated with a wood stove which works great!

Cris in Oregon said...

I asked Con what he thought. He said he would feel unsafe with that much pipe going so far. What if someone busted it. BUT then he said the Gas people should know what they are talking about. How far is the other one going? Anyway thats his take on it.

Jude has a good idea there with a short pipe into the house.

Pellet stoves would be the way to go instead of wood..but they are expensive. But the pellets arent and much easier to get.
How about a floor propain heater. another option. but you have to fill them. What did your Dad do when he worked out there?

sukipoet said...

Thanks all for the comments. Cant use wood as Mom doesn't want wood. The gas company doesn't want to put in a second gas tank which is why they came up with the idea of the long piping tacked onto the house. Orignally I pictured a second tank outside the workshop just behind the gas heater but I guess this can't be done. Thanks for the suggestions re: pellet stove etc.

Dad used a woodstove. Then he told mom that someone? stovecleaner man or who knows who, said the stove was unsafe. Who knows what the communication was but he told Mom not to burn wood in there. So Mom wouldnt even let me get someone out here to check it all out. Frustrating.