Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heating System up and running

My own personal and enormous to my eyes tank of gas.
The vent for the gas heater.
The wall hung heater with a thermostat that has an "off" setting, thank goodness. I do hope this isn't going to use tons of fuel. I tend to be fuel thrifty. In the workshop/garage there are two doors connecting the two sections with only blankets covering them to keep the heat in. Not very efficient. However, this is all a work in progress. I also need more light without blowing the fuse. I am thrilled to have heat in my "studio." Hurrah.


ANDREA said...

Hurray! Great, now you can go and do marvelous things in your studio...Have a good time in there!

Cris in Oregon said...

This is the first step for your winter work shop. Light & warmth what more could you ask for. Hope you get the light figured out... Glad they got the heat hooked up at least.

Lynn said...

Yippie, the artist shall not freeze her tush!