Friday, November 16, 2007

Grandpa's wood inlay

Lamp Base. Each piece of inlayed wood is cut with a mat knife and glued in place.
Picture frame. He made lots of these. Picture is of myself and my brother.
Lynn had asked for photos of the toys Grandpa made for me but all my toys are in storage. I have a doll crib, a horsey, a doll shelf, and also furniture such as a 4 piece bookshelf set and a kitchen table with chairs. He made me a doll house but Mom gave it away--hard to believe--without even telling me till after it was done!!! I was still a kid too.


Cris in Oregon said...

Wow, These are cool. I love this kind of craftmanship. He was good. What a shame what your Mother did by giving away the doll house. Did she ever say why?
Not many take the time to do some nice work anymore.

Cris in Oregon said...

oops.. that is not many do SUCH nice work...The brain and fingers arent working together today. lol

Lynn said...

All this inlaid wood is terrific. Looks like hard work to me. My DH is a woodworker too. A true talent!
I am crying over your lost doll house. My daddy built me one too. it was two story, had electric lights, carpets in all the rooms, a door bell that worked...And beautiful wooden furniture. It had greenery around its front too. My brother shot out the windows with his BB gun! It got given away to a friends daughter. How I'd love it for my grandkids now.
I do have a doll cradle my dad made. It's white and has cute stickers on it. I will get this to my little grand daughter, maybe next month for the holidays.
I like the formal photo of you and your brother too.

Kikipotamus said...

Hi, Sukipoet. I found you through Lynn's blog. Your blog is delicious! If you are amenable, I have tagged you on my blog for Seven Random Things About Me. If not, no worries. Cheers!

Lynn said...

Suki, you are tagged (again as I see Kelly tagged you too) You can make one list for both. Please see my blog for details.

Elizabeth said...

Wow... WOW!!! Beautiful, and such patience!
My Mum did stuff to me like that too, giving great toys/clothes away that I still used/played with when I was a kid. I guess SHE didn't like them? Still don't understand it.