Tuesday, November 06, 2007

AED Ongoing creative project

This is the room I am using at my Mom's. Dad slept in here for years, 25 years. This was their retirement home. When most go to Florida, Dad and Mom came to New Hampshire. This is a bit busy for my taste so I am embarking on painting the walls. They are pre-printed wallboard of some kind.
I also dislike this carpet. I'm hoping to purchase a cheerful colored carpet and lay it over this one once the painting is done.
I have painted two coats of primer on two walls so far. You can still see the flowers through it so it probably should have 3 coats. However, I think I've done enough with two. The final color may be either a tone of white or a lemony yellow. Not sure. The fumes are enough to knock you out but at least I can open the window it's still so warm.


Cris in Oregon said...

That IS quite the creative project you have going on. But it will make you feel so wonderful when done. hmm Lemony yellow. When we moved To Oregon I had to have COLOR as it can be gray alot thru the winter and the color makes me happy. Thanks for the nice comment this morning. Yes it is sad to lose a friend and I am sure that in said friends mind she is thinking I am at fault like your experience. but all I see is relief. Sad but true.

Oh did you understand the instructions I wrote out about the side bar slide show?

Elizabeth said...

Yeay! Personalising your space, great idea. I bet it will look, and feel, great when you finish.

Thanks for your nice comments: I am sorry to hear about you losing your books... could you have A LOT OF FUN collecting a new lot from your local secondhand and thrift shops maybe...???

We are totally book mad in our house, Son has his own collection too (at 6!!) All of ours in the sitting room are double stacked, so there is almost the same amount again behind the ones you see... I can't bring myself to get rid of any, and when we moved house the first thing we did was make a home for the books. One simply has to get one's priorities right doesn't one? ;-))

Bad Faery's recommendation sounds good, I shall read it when I have finished my current pile.

Lynn said...

So, are you staying there or just making it nice for now and when you visit later? Do you leave the cape in the winter months? I sure am curious aren't I?
So only if you want to share of course.

You are my last blog to check into at night. Now I can go sew.

Charu Papers said...
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ANDREA said...

Looks like this will become your space, nice and clear, I like tones of white too, we have painted our appartment like that, a sort of off-white ( a touch of ocre in white, in fact) it is great and looks good with other colours. I smile because I see stuff under the bed, books, art-supplies? I like that: Bon courage for the work!
PS thanks to you, I now like the Y in skytes better, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sooks-- Let me know how the painting goes.. I must do similar update with a couple of walls in the trailer we are fixing up to be an artist retreat/guest house! I feel hesitant about painting these panelled wallboards but have no better idea how to update so would be glad to know what yr results are before I embark!! Good luck with adding some soothing sunniness to those bizzy dizzy (formerly) printed walls!
By the way- for others reading and contributing to Suki's blog- hello hello with smiles and I will try to fully inform and describe later re: the sleeps 10-12 people artist retreat presently being configured out here in the prairie lands We are close to the scenic ND Badlands (the gravel road that runs out of town past the trailer retreat takes you to the Badlands and Rainy Butte is in view)) .. The trailer is the last house in town.. so the horizon is 'empty'-- 'big sky' and wheat fields/prairie grasslands is 'all there is' to the North and West of the trailer...(we live next door to the East). Coyotes yip in the distance at night and the prairie sunsets are fabulous.. the harvest moon rises enormously - stars twinkle galore-ishly and etc etc..) But I will wax more lyrical another time-- just wanted to put in a word re: this future art retreat space !! ..(and wondered about painting those trailer wallboard walls!??)