Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thank you Elizabeth!!!!

For hosting this very fun Big Draw challenge. Thanks for all your comments on all the drawings too. And I mean everyone's here. I know you had some life challenges during this month, but nevertheless you continued onward, inspiring all of us.

I think one benefit of the challenge for me was not just in doing a drawing a day, which I've never done before, but also the reverberations in the rest of my art life. As with doing the morning pages a la Julia Cameron,(write three pages a day) doing a drawing a day helped me focus and opened me up to more ideas for my other artwork. Without this challenge, especially during this month of adjusting to a new living space, I think I would have languished artistically speaking. Which would have been ok too, but now---zounds this notebook which I only started a bit ago, is almost full and I can put it away and then take it out a few years from now and go Oh, that's who I was then.

What I'd like to do is take you out for tea and scones. However, since that's not possible here is a quote from a poem by Lola Haskins. "Room 4 (New York, oils, 1980--)"

"I am working on a new series: Gold
on Gold. Each, over an old canvas,
erases what was. I never thought
gold so subtle: the bit of dull at
the edge of an eye, a moneyed leaf,
worthy of the gleam heart of Angelico." from the book Hunger. Page52


Cris in Oregon said...

Yes this has been a month of leaning & seeing things differently because of the drawing a day and POSTING IT for all to see & comment on. Art is to be shared and it is good to connect with others doing the same thing. I plan on keeping up on drawing & doing some kind of Art a day. My painting is coming along much better now because of this month. I hope we all keep connected. I hope you keep drawing too Suki. You have to.. you just got yourself a sketch book to go. ;-)

Cris in Oregon said...

Oh and by the way, I have been meaning to comment on your choices of movies you like. Logan's Run and Cold Comfort Farm are a couple of my FAVORITE movies. Especially the CCF.

Bad Faery said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog this month. They were all appreciated:)

Cris in Oregon said...

OOPs.. just checked and noticed I mispelled a word in my first blog comment.. I said leaning.. I meant LEARNING.. GEESH.. Maybe that was a froidian slip.. maybe I was leaning on you guys for support. Much thanks for it too. lol

Elizabeth said...

Gosh, THANK YOU TOO! What a lovely thank you for little ol' me. I am truely touched! The poem is fantastic, especially as I hope to embark on gold adventures as soon as I can lay my hands on some gold leaf...

I am so very glad that you are joining in with the A.E.D.M. too - what fun! This last month has done us all the power of good, such FOCUS!!

Here's to November, and filling up those new sketchbooks and Moleskines :-)