Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday and Sunday's Drawings

Pencil. Doesn't really look like her on the face. Too long. But I showed no wrinkles cause she has very few. Kinda amazing.
What looks like a box of pastels is the cover of the book I'm reading Hunting and Gathering.
I'd like to make some shields to go with the robes I'm making. I have made these before using handmade paper that I made, laying them out with the wet sheets. No room here to make paper so I will use dry sheets of purchased handmade paper. I drew the shield and then water colored around it trying to make a pretty sketch like Andrea does.


Cris in Oregon said...

VERY NICE WORK. I see you did it.. drew some books.. good job. ;)
Your mom looks comfy laying there reading. and the colors you used on the sheild do remind me of Andreas work. You had a good day yesterday after all I can see. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Nice! I like your bold style too. Amazng not to have wrinkles, I hope my skin does that when I'm older :-)
Andrea does do the prettiest sketches doesn't she... and you have complimented her well because this is lovely too.

Lynn said...

I loved how you captured mom's fingers. Arthritis?
And found the Knitting Circle intersting on the top book. What's it about?
Ah, I do see Andrea's influence in the shield photo. Well done.

sukipoet said...

Mom does have arthritis throughout her body which is the major cause of her current distress.

I haven't yet read The Knitting Circle but the blurb says it's abt a mother whose child dies and how she joins this knitting circle and finds support. The author, Ann Hood, I believe had this experience of a child dying young. Though the bk is fiction.