Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Collage Project in process

I want to make 13 small collages for the collage exchange next year. For these two I am using Anne Bagby's patchwork paper method I read about in Somerset Magazine. These are the paper scraps I begin with, tearing or cutting them into little squares.

I glued the squares onto large sheets of tissue paper, then painted one sheet yellow. Another sheet I painted purple and blue. Then I tore the larger sheets into strips.
I then arranged the strips on another piece of tissue paper until satisfied. Then glued down the papers with matte medium. This collage depicts the temple of _____? I have more work to do, may temper the colors with more paint, gold paint etc and some beads or doodads.

This collage is a shield and will need more papers to enclose the sides. Title will be something about a housewife as one of the paper scraps from a dictionary has the word housekeeper on it.

Wonderful, though expensive, collage glue.


rainbowshaman said...

Wow, Sooks.. this process (and your results!) are soooo cool Wonder if I could do something like this on walls of the downstairs bath where I have hand pulled most of the wallpaper away and am now contemplating what interesting thing to try there-- paibnting with acrylics (as I have doe on other room walls) or ripping pasting shellacing kraft paper... (which I've seen done elsewhere to wonderful effect). Whatever it ends up being I'm sure I'll have to seal it over with soemthing to keep steam/moisture from ruining it... any suggestions... caveats born of experience?? Love, Susan McL

sukipoet said...

thanks for your comments rainbowshaman. I've never had my artwork unframed in a bathroom so not sure what might keep steam or moisure away. The matte medium does seal it to some extent but not sure about under such conditions. Suki