Sunday, September 16, 2007

Goddess Amulets

When I am in transition I like to have a little extra guidance boost or focus for the day. I learned of this book and the amulets at an herbal group at the Cedar Spring Herb Farm. The book is out of print but I found it on one of the Internet used book sites. And another.

The ceramic amulets come with the book, in a little faux velvet bag. They represent goddesses, sacred animals and sacred symbols. Shown here are "Eyes" on the left and "The Sow" on the right. There are a number of ways to use them but usually I just pick one or two from the bag and read what the author has chosen to say about them.

This is "The Gorgon Goddess--Transforming anger, reclaiming power. The author, Nancy Blair, gives a bit of history about the gorgon goddess, gives her own interpretation of what it might mean if you choose this amulet. And also proposes a ritual you can perform around the topic. For the above she suggests making an anger doll.

Blair is or was an artist and made the amulet originals herself, then reproduced them in some sort of ceramic-like material for the book.


ANDREA said...

Suki, I like the book cover and its colours and the amulets which one would like to touch!
I wonder what means if you picked the sow? Does the sow represent wisdom?

sukipoet said...

Thanks Andrea for your comment. According to Nancy Blair the sow was an ancient goddess symbol for fertility, sowing of seeds and harvest. She made the sow amulet in the image of a smiling clay pig mask 6500 years old from Macedonia. She says Greek and Egyptian women dressed as sows to celebrate Circe, Goddess of the Crossroads. Ancient Greek shrines show sow-masked dancers wearing "hoof-like" footgear. Thanks for asking as I hadn't read the notes to this amulet.