Saturday, August 25, 2007

Setting up the studio continued

An unusual ladder that converts into a chair holds a few art books and blank notebooks. This chair/ladder belongs to my roommate. Recently I sorted through all my "Art Room" boxes in the storage unit and saved out only a minimum of supplies. The rest I either gave away or restored to the unit.
I stretched and gessoed two small canvases yesterday. I've never used this french easel which my roommate bought for me last winter so I look forward to giving it a try. I have NEVER owned an easel. In the past I propped my canvases on a chair seat to paint.
My landlords left this ironing board hanging in the room I use for a studio. I had been resenting its presence until I read--in Living the Creative Life-- the idea of using an ironing board as an art work table. I can adjust the height which is great. Now I love the ironing board. Funny how my opinion of things change and reverse.
Inspired by the chapter on journals in Living the Creative Life I began doing self-portraits in my new journal. This is done in Pentel markers with a water color wash. I looked even more grim before I changed the mouth.

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