Thursday, August 23, 2007

Living the Creative Life

Here I am in the most creative spot in the house: bed. I'm reading Rice Freeman- Zachary's new book Living the Creative Life. It is wonderfully put together. Inspiring, thought provoking and full of art and the words of artists. She also has some "Try This" tips on getting started and keeping going with creativity.

She has a series of photos on her blog of local (to her) folks reading her book--which I think is a clever idea-- so that's why I had a friend take this one of me. When I am writing by hand, I often will reread and edit my work whilst in bed. Also, I read in bed a lot even though if you suffer from insomnia you aren't supposed to read in bed. Especially in the winter it is a warm, cozy, cocoon-like spot. Even if you fall asleep into a nap, the napping is dreamtime for the creative self. What better place to read about other's creative lives?


ANDREA said...

This is a nice photo of you and your bed! I like the book-cover too. About reading in bed: it is bad for my neck but I love it:)

ANDREA said...

Oups I just left a comment on your post but it wouldn't show...
That is a nice photo of you and your bed, you look very "intellectuelle" and I also like to book-cover.

About reading in bed: I always get a sour neck but I love it!