Saturday, July 21, 2007

Estate Sale

Saw an Estate Sale in process while driving down Old Chatham road yesterday. Stopped in because I have admired this old farmhouse for awhile. There are three residences on the property. Two small cabins and the farmhouse. Lots of antiques for sale. I resisted due to the fact that I live in a storage unit at the moment. But I couldn't resist the table of paperbacks. At fifty cents apiece, who could?

They were an advantageous mix of books I like and books for my Mom. Mom reads romance novels so I bought twelve for her, added to four I already had at home.

I bought some mysteries for myself. And quite a number of Irish novels!!! I've gotten "into" Irish writers from reading the Reading Matters blog--written by an Australian woman now living in London. I think I'm set reading wise for awhile.

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