Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Computer and where to live

At last, my procrastination has ended. I have ordered a new notebook computer. It should be here by the month's end. I got an HP with Vista Home Premium, 2g's of ram ( I think) and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. It was hard to spend so much money, but I had to do it. If I am unable to write, blog and surf the Internet I am NOBODY.

Ho, pull out your Ekhart Tolle and Pema Chodron books. No need. I know I am somebody even if what I DO is sit in a lawn chair and stare at the trees.

NOW, the next step is to choose a place to live. I've probably blogged on this before. I could live with Mom in NH and help her through the rough winter time up there. That would be a free rent situation. I'd be helping out my brother too who now has an ill wife to care for besides caring for mom. I hate the cold and snow but is that important? The room at mom's is dark and small. The carpet smells of urine from Dad's last months. There is no private place for me to set up a studio or writing space. Of course if I'm not paying rent I could maybe rent a studio space in Bellows Falls or something. An alternate to living IN mom's house would be to rent my own place nearby.

I could live here on the Cape with my current housemate which means I have a goodly amount of space and also half the rental price in a very expensive rental market. To be honest, house rentals in NH are in a similar high price range.

I could live on Cape in my own rental and rent a room out to someone of my choice to lower my overhead.

I could live somewhere I haven't even thought of or explored yet. Any suggestions?????

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Mary Richmond said...

you'll never regret helping out your mom and you could pull up the carpet, etc. that smells, paint the room and make it yours even while renting studio space. being in touch with your family during this time could be interesting and satisfying for all of you. there is no right or wrong here. but as the ones we have known all our lives leave us there is richness and appreciation and learning that can only deepen our have mentioned many times you are drawn north. why not try it? you can always leave....this seems to be a time of unsettlement for you. why not embrace it? love you....