Saturday, July 14, 2007

Child's play

To inspire myself out of the lethargy I am in, I bought some kids' stuff. Play dough. Crayons. And tattoos.
These are non-toxic rub on pictures. I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to get a REAL tattoo but the rub ons are fun substitutes.
So far I've placed one on my arm. I've had fun with the play dough too, squishing it between my fingers and rolling snakes. The crayons are less inspiring. I prefer pastels, soft and chalky and so have done a few drawings with them.

After this playtime activity, I was inspired to get out my handmade greeting cards, sort through them, and ready them for sale. I decreased the price of one style and my friend A. bought 20 of them wholesale. I have more however. Now just need to find another buyer or two.

But that seems to be the limit, so far, of my creative activity. No new work. GRRRRR.

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