Monday, February 12, 2007

Mercury Retrograde

Today, Tuesday the 13th, Mercury becomes retrograde. That means it appears to be moving backwards. Some websites list tomorrow as the day, but regardless we can be affected in the days before and after retrograde too. Mercury Retrograde: Astrology on the Web. When this happens communications go awry, as well as mechanical things such as washing machines and cars. Some say it's not a good time to sign contracts.

There is a tendency to blame EVERYTHING that goes awry on this phenomenon. Poor Mercury.

My thought is that I like this time of things going a bit off course. Why? Because it shakes me up and gets me doing things differently. I think it is a time of GOOD LUCK and new insights.

PS: This post is publishing with yesterday's date. I wrote it today, on Feb 13th, so don't know why it is posting as written on the 12th?????. OH WAIT. Mercury............

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